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Supporting Files and Functions for the Book Bayesian Modelling with 'JAGS'

acid.dfAge estimation from aspartic acid concentration
activity.dfEnergy requirements for different activities
calculus.dfCalculus marks
carbon.dfCarbon isotopes in trees
cell_surv.dfCell survival data
chocolate.dfEnergy and fat in chocolate bars
cooling.dfDoes insulation make a difference?
getModelGet a JAGS model file
gustafson.dfAge estimation based on changes in dental characteristics
hedgehog.growth.dfHedgehog growth
hedgehog.survival.dfHedgehog survival
insulation.dfImpact strength of insulation cuts in foot-pounds.
jaggRjaggR: Supporting files and functions for the book Bayesian...
plane.dfDistance travelled by paper planes
radiation.dffrom the Commission facility in Hanford, Washington. One of...
ratmaze.dfTimes taken for a rat to navigate through a maze
rdt.dfAge estimation by root dentine translucency
setPlotPrefsSet Plotting Preferences
terriers.dfSimulated weights of difference breeds of terriers
tidy_bugsTidy BUGS files
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