rdt.df: Age estimation by root dentine translucency

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Root dentine translucency is, in humans, an age related physiological feature. In the dentine of teeth in adult humans the tubecular microstructures fill with a highly crystalline substance making them become nearly invisible when looked at in normal light. This process starts from the apical foramen in early adulthood, and progresses up the tooth into advanced old age. Solheim (Lucy et al., 1996) collected data on age, root dentine translucency for 71 maxillary second incisors from a Norweigian population. The sex of each individual was also noted.




A data.frame with 71 rows and 3 columns:


Age of subject, in years


Sex of subject, female or male


root dentine translucency


Lucy, D., Aykroyd, R.G., Pollard, A.M. and Solheim (1996), T.,"A Bayesian approach to adult human age estimation from dental observations by Johanson's age changes", Journal of Forensic Sciences 41(2):189-194.

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