Man pages for joineRML
Joint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal Data and Time-to-Event Outcomes

baseHazThe baseline hazard estimate of an 'mjoint' object
bootSEStandard errors via bootstrap for an 'mjoint' object
confint.mjointConfidence intervals for model parameters of an 'mjoint'...
dynLongDynamic predictions for the longitudinal data sub-model
dynSurvDynamic predictions for the time-to-event data sub-model
epileptic.qolQuality of life data following epilepsy drug treatment
fitted.mjointExtract 'mjoint' fitted values
fixef.mjointExtract fixed effects estimates from an 'mjoint' object
formula.mjointExtract model formulae from an 'mjoint' object
getVarCov.mjointExtract variance-covariance matrix of random effects from an...
heart.valveAortic valve replacement surgery data
logLik.mjointExtract log-likelihood from an 'mjoint' object
mjointFit a joint model to time-to-event data and multivariate...
mjoint.objectFitted 'mjoint' object
mjoint_tidiersTidying methods for joint models for time-to-event data and...
pbc2Mayo Clinic primary biliary cirrhosis data
plotConvergencePlot convergence time series for parameter vectors from an...
plot.dynLongPlot a 'dynLong' object
plot.dynSurvPlot a 'dynSurv' object
plot.mjointPlot diagnostics from an 'mjoint' object
plot.ranef.mjointPlot a 'ranef.mjoint' object
ranef.mjointExtract random effects estimates from an 'mjoint' object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renalRenal transplantation data
residuals.mjointExtract 'mjoint' residuals
sampleDataSample from an 'mjoint' object
sigma.mjointExtract residual standard deviation(s) from an 'mjoint'...
simDataSimulate data from a joint model
summary.mjointSummary of an 'mjoint' object
vcov.mjointExtract an approximate variance-covariance matrix of...
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