Man pages for jointseg
Joint Segmentation of Multivariate (Copy Number) Signals

anotherBkpGet best candidate change point
defaultWeightsCompute default weights for the weighted group fused Lasso
doCBSRun CBS segmentation
doDynamicProgrammingRun segmentation by dynamic programming
doGFLarsGroup fused Lars segmentation
doPSCBSRun Paired PSCBS segmentation
doPSCNRun PSCN segmentation (defunct)
doRBSRun RBS segmentation
estimateSdRobust standard deviation estimator
FpsnPruned dynamic programming algorithm
getCopyNumberDataByResamplingGenerate a copy number profile by resampling
getTpFpCalculate the number of true positives and false positives
getUnivJGet the contribution of one dimension to the RSE.
getUnivStatGet the binary test statistic for one dimension
jointSegJoint segmentation of multivariate signals
modelSelectionModel selection
oneBkpGet best candidate change point
plotSegPlot signal and breakpoints with segment-level signal...
profprofile time and memory usage of a given R expression
pruneByDPExact segmentation of a multivariate signal using dynamic...
PSSegParent-Specific copy number segmentation
randomProfileGenerate a random multi-dimensional profile with breakpoints...
retour_snExtract endpoint matrix from DP result
segmentByGFLarsGroup fused Lars segmentation (low-level)
segmentByRBSRecursive Binary Segmentation (low-level)
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