Man pages for kim
Behavioral Scientists' Analysis Toolkit

barplot_for_countsBarplot for counts
capitalizeCapitalize a substring
change_var_namesChange variable names in a data set
check_req_pkgCheck for required packages
chi_square_test_pairwiseChi square test, pairwise
clean_data_from_qualtricsClean data from Qualtrics
coefficent_of_variationCoefficient of variation
cohen_dCohen's d with confidence interval
cohen_d_from_cohen_textbookCohen's d from Jacob Cohen's textbook (1988)
comma_sep_string_to_numbersConvert a comma-separated string of numbers
compare_datasetsCompare data sets
compare_groupsCompare groups
correlation_matrixcorrelation matrix
cum_percent_plotCumulative percentage plot
desc_statsDescriptive statistics
desc_stats_by_groupDescriptive statistics by group
find_duplicatesFind duplicated values in a vector
floodlight_2_by_continuousFloodlight 2 by Continuous
ggsave_quickggsave quick
histogram_by_groupHistogram by group
histogram_w_outlier_binsHistogram with outlier bins
id_across_datasetsID across datasets
install_all_dependenciesInstall all dependencies for all functions
mann_whitneyMann-Whitney U Test (Also called Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test)
matrix_prep_dtPrepare a two-column data.table that will be used to fill...
mediation_analysisMediation analysis
merge_data_table_listMerge a list of data tables
merge_data_tablesMerge data tables
multiple_regressionMultiple regression
order_rows_specifically_in_dtOrder rows specifically in a data table
parallel_analysisParallel analysis
percentile_rankPercentile rank
plot_group_meansPlot group means
population_variancePopulation variance of a vector
prepPrepare package(s) for use
pretty_round_p_valuePretty round p-value
print_loop_progressprint loop progress
proportion_of_values_in_vectorProportion of given values in a vector
read_csvRead a csv file
read_sole_csvRead the sole csv file in the working directory
regex_matchRegular expression matches
rel_pos_of_value_in_vectorFind relative position of a value in a vector
rel_value_of_pos_in_vectorFind relative value of a position in a vector
remove_user_installed_pkgsRemove all user installed packages
robust_regressionRobust regression (bootstrapped regression)
round_flexiblyRound flexibly
score_scale_itemsScore scale items
se_of_meanStandard error of the mean
setup_r_envSet up R environment
setwd_to_active_docSet working directory to active document in RStudio
start_kimStart kim
susu: Sorted unique values
tabulate_vectorTabulate vector
theme_kimTheme Kim
top_median_or_bottomTop, median, or bottom
t_test_pairwiset test, pairwise
two_way_anovaTwo-way ANOVA
update_kimUpdate the package 'kim'
wilcoxon_rank_sum_testWilcoxon Rank-Sum Test (Also called the Mann-Whitney U Test)
write_csvWrite to a csv file
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