kimisc: Kirill's Miscellaneous Functions

A collection of useful functions not found anywhere else, mainly for programming: Pretty intervals, generalized lagged differences, checking containment in an interval, creating a factor where the levels maintain the order of appearance, sampling rows from a data frame, converting seconds from midnight to and from H:M:S format, choosing the first non-NA value, transposing lists of lists, returning the name of the file currently sourced, smart named lists and vectors, and an alternative interface to assign().

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AuthorKirill Müller [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-02-14 17:30:21
MaintainerKirill Müller <>

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Functions Man page
cut_format Man page
df_to_list Man page
export Man page
export.list Man page
gdiff Man page Man page
in.interval.lo Man page Man page
kimisc Man page
kimisc-package Man page
list_to_df Man page
nc Man page
nin.interval.lo Man page Man page
nlist Man page
ofactor Man page
sample.rows Man page Man page
setMissingNames Man page
thisfile Man page
thisfile_knit Man page
thisfile_rscript Man page
thisfile_source Man page
tll Man page
vswitch Man page

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