A package giving the formulas of an exact distribution of ith nearest neighbours and two associated tests for independence


This package provides the formulas to calculate the probability of observing the ith nearest neighbour given the (i-1)th nearest neighbour. Additionally this formulas is used in independence testing and this package provides implementations for two tests of independence novelTest.chisq and novelTest.extreme.

This package also provides a mean to benchmark test for independence on many different type of functional dependences and a new type of non-functional dependence.


Package: knnIndep
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-03-06
License: GPL>=3.0

For benchmarking purposes refer to run.tests and generate.benchmark.data. The formula is given by P_ceq,P_cge_ale and Pc_givena. The two tests of independence are novelTest.chisq and novelTest.extreme.


Sebastian D├╝mcke duemcke@mpipz.mpg.de

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