labdsv: Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology

A variety of ordination and community analyses useful in analysis of data sets in community ecology. Includes many of the common ordination methods, with graphical routines to facilitate their interpretation, as well as several novel analyses.

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AuthorDavid W. Roberts <>
Date of publication2016-01-24 15:45:28
MaintainerDavid W. Roberts <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abuocc: Abundance/Occurrence Graphical Analysis

brycesite: Site Data for Bryce Canyon National Park

bryceveg: Bryce Canyon Vegetation Data

compspec: Compositional Specificity Analysis

concov: Constancy-Coverage Table for Ecological Community Data

const: Constancy Table

dematrify: Create Three Column Database Form Data Frame from Sparse Data...

dga: Direct Gradient Analysis

disana: Dissimilarity Analysis

dropplt: Dropping Plots with Missing Values From Taxon and Site Data...

dropspc: Dropping Species with Few Occurrences

dsvdis: Dissimilarity Indices and Distance Measures

envrtest: Environmental Distribution Test

euclidify: Nearest Euclidean Space Representation of a Dissimilarity...

homoteneity: Homoteneity Analysis of Classified Ecological Communities

importance: Importance Table

indval: Dufrene-Legendre Indicator Species Analysis

isamic: Indicator Species Analysis Minimizing Intermediate...

labdsv.internal: LabDSV Internal Functions

matrify: Create Taxon Data.Frames From Three Column Database Form

metrify: Nearest Metric Space Representation of a Dissimilarity Object

nmds: Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling

ordcomp: Ordination to Dissimilarity Comparison

orddist: Ordination Point Pair-Wise Distance Calculation

ordpart: Ordination Partitioning

ordtaxa: Re-Order the Rows and Columns of a Taxon Data Frame

ordtest: Ordination Distribution Test

pca: Principal Components Analysis

pco: Principal Coordinates Analysis

plot.nmds: Plotting Routines For Nonmetric Multi-Dimensional Scaling...

plot.pca: Plotting Routines For Principal Components Ordinations

plot.pco: Plotting Routines For Principal Coordinates Ordinations

raretaxa: Identify Rare Taxa in a Data Set

reconcile: Reconcile Taxa and Site Data.Frames

rnddist: Random Distance

rndtaxa: Randomize a Taxa Data.Frame

spcdisc: Species Discrimination Analysis

thull: Plotting a Tensioned Hull

vegtab: Vegetation Table

vegtrans: Vegetation Data Transformation


abuocc Man page
bestnmds Man page
brycesite Man page
bryceveg Man page
chullord Man page
chullord.nmds Man page
chullord.pca Man page
chullord.pco Man page
clustify Man page
compspec Man page
concov Man page
const Man page
dematrify Man page
density Man page
density.nmds Man page
density.pco Man page
dga Man page
disana Man page
dropplt Man page
dropspc Man page
dsvdis Man page
duarm Man page
duleg Man page
envrtest Man page
euclidify Man page
hilight Man page
hilight.nmds Man page
hilight.pca Man page
hilight.pco Man page
homoteneity Man page
importance Man page
indspc Man page
indval Man page
indval.default Man page
indval.stride Man page
isamic Man page
loadings.pca Man page
matrify Man page
metrify Man page
nmds Man page
ordcomp Man page
orddist Man page
ordpart Man page
ordpart.nmds Man page
ordpart.pca Man page
ordpart.pco Man page
ordtaxa Man page
ordtest Man page
pca Man page
pco Man page
pip Man page
plot.compspec Man page
plotid Man page
plotid.nmds Man page
plotid.pca Man page
plotid.pco Man page
plot.nmds Man page
plot.pca Man page
plot.pco Man page
plot.thull Man page
points.nmds Man page
points.pca Man page
points.pco Man page
raretaxa Man page
reconcile Man page
rnddist Man page
rndtaxa Man page
scores.pca Man page
shannon Man page
spcdisc Man page
specid Man page
summary.indval Man page
summary.pca Man page
surf Man page
surf.nmds Man page
surf.pca Man page
surf.pco Man page
thull Man page
thull.nmds Man page
thull.pco Man page
varplot.pca Man page
vegtab Man page
vegtrans Man page

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