Man pages for labdsv
Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology

abundtransSpecies Abundance Data Transformation
abuoccAbundance/Occurrence Graphical Analysis
as.dsvordConvert existing and external ordinations to dsv format
brycesiteSite Data for Bryce Canyon National Park
brycevegBryce Canyon Vegetation Data
calibrateCalculate fitted environmental attributes in an ordination
compspecCompositional Specificity Analysis
concovConstancy-Coverage Table for Ecological Community Data
constConstancy Table
convexConvex Data Transformation
defactorizeChange Factors in Data.frames to Character Vectors
dematrifyCreate Three Column Database Form Data Frame from Sparse Data...
dgaDirect Gradient Analysis
disanaDissimilarity Analysis
droppltDropping Plots with Missing Values From Taxon and Site Data...
dropspcDropping Species with Few Occurrences
dsvdisDissimilarity Indices and Distance Measures
dsvlsLabDSV Object ls() Command
envrtestEnvironmental Distribution Test
euclidifyNearest Euclidean Space Representation of a Dissimilarity...
factorizeChange Character Vectors in Data.frames to Factors
gsrGlobal Search and Replace for Data.frames
hellingerHellinger Data Transformation
homoteneityHomoteneity Analysis of Classified Ecological Communities
importanceImportance Table
indvalDufrene-Legendre Indicator Species Analysis
isamicIndicator Species Analysis Minimizing Intermediate...
labdsv.internalLabDSV Internal Functions
matrifyCreate Taxon Data.frames From Three Column Database Form
metrifyNearest Metric Space Representation of a Dissimilarity Object
nmdsNonmetric Multidimensional Scaling
ordcommRe-Order the Rows and Columns of a Taxon Data Frame
ordcompOrdination to Dissimilarity Comparison
orddistOrdination Point Pair-Wise Distance Calculation
ordneighborsNearest Neighbors Plotted in Ordination Space
ordpartOrdination Partitioning
ordtestOrdination Distribution Test
pcaPrincipal Components Analysis
pcoPrincipal Coordinates Analysis
plot.dsvordPlotting Routines For LabDSV Ordinations
predictPredict species abundances in an ordination
raretaxaIdentify Rare Taxa in a Data Set
reconcileReconcile Community and Site Data.Frames
rndcommRandomize a Community Data.Frame
rnddistRandom Distance
samptotSample total standardization
spcdiscSpecies Discrimination Analysis
spcmaxSpecies Maximum Standardization
stepdistStep-Across Distance
thullPlotting a Tensioned Hull
tsnet-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
vegtabVegetation Table
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