KH2004: Repeated measures data on rat muscles

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Repeated measures data set from Kristensen and Hansen (2004) testing the effect of pinacidil on the force of muscle contraction.


A data frame with 210 rows and 4 variables:


Observation number, from 0 to 14. Observations were taken every 30 seconds.


Condition, either Placebo or Pinacidil.


Rat identification number.


Force of muscle contraction, normalised to the first time point.


Seven rats were euthanized and both soleus muscles (lower leg) were extracted from each rat. One muscle from each pair was randomised to the pinacidil condition and the other to the control condition. Fifteen measurements of the force of muscle contraction were taken every thirty seconds on each muscle.


Kristensen M, Hansen T (2004). Statistical analyses of repeated measures in physiological research: a tutorial. Adv Physiol Educ. 28(1-4):2-14.

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