Man pages for lacunaritycovariance
Gliding Box Lacunarity and Other Metrics for 2D Random Closed Sets

cencovarianceCentred covariance estimation
contagdiscstateDisc State Contagion
contagpixelgridPixel Adjacency Contagion
coverageprobEstimate the coverage probability of a stationary RACS
cppickaPicka's Reduced Window Estimator of Coverage Probability
gblGliding box lacunarity estimation using all estimators
gblcGliding box lacunarity estimator using plug-in moment...
gblccCentred covariance based estimates of gliding box lacunarity
gblempEmpirical Gliding Box Lacunarity
gblgPair-correlation based estimates of gliding box lacunarity
innerprod.imInner Product of Two Functions Represented as Images
isbinarymapTest if an 'im' object is a binary map
lacunaritycovariance-packagelacunaritycovariance: Gliding Box Lacunarity and Other...
paircorrBalanced estimation of pair-correlation.
placegrainsfromlibPlace grains randomly on a point pattern
plugincvcPlug-in moment covariance estimator
racscovarianceCovariance Estimation
rbddSimulation of Boolean Model of Deterministic Discs
rbdrSimulation of Boolean Model of Deterministic Rectangles
rblndSimulate a Boolean model of discs with log normal disc radii
rbptoSimulate Boolean Model with Grains Scaled According to a...
secondorderpropsEstimate Second-Order Properties of a RACS
summary.imlistPointwise summary of a list of 'im' objects
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