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Plug-in moment covariance estimator


This function computes the plug-in moment covariance estimate of a stationary RACS from a binary map. For a stationary RACS, Ξ, the covariance for a vector v is the probability of two points separated by a vector v are covered by Ξ

C(v) = P({x, x+ v} in Xi).


plugincvc(xi, obswin = NULL, setcov_boundarythresh = NULL)



An observation of a RACS of interest as a full binary map (as an im object) or as the foreground set (as an owin object). In the latter case the observation window, obswin, must be supplied.


If xi is an owin object then obswin is an owin object that specifies the observation window.


To avoid instabilities caused by dividing by very small quantities, if the set covariance of the observation window is smaller than setcov_boundarythresh, then the covariance is given a value of NA.


The plug-in moment covariance estimator is (Serra, 1982)

C(v) = gammaWX(v) / gammaW(v)

where gammaW(v) is the set covariance of the observation window W and gammaWX(v) is the set covariance of the foreground within W. plugincvc uses Fourier transforms to calculate the set covariance (using the setcov of the foreground and observation window. Vectors with small gammaW(v) are eliminated using setcov_boundarythresh as division by small values is numerically unstable.


A SpatStat im object containing the estimated covariance.


Kassel Liam Hingee


Serra, J.P. (1982) Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology. London; New York: Academic Press.


xi <-$coarse, na.replace = 0)
covar <- plugincvc(xi)

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