coverageprob: Estimate the coverage probability of a stationary RACS

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Estimate the coverage probability of a stationary RACS


Computes the proportion of the observation window that is foreground, which is the usual estimate for the coverage probability of a stationary RACS from a binary map.


coverageprob(xi, obswin = NULL)

coveragefrac(xi, obswin = NULL)

cp(xi, obswin = NULL)



An observation of a RACS of interest as a full binary map (as an im object) or as the foreground set (as an owin object). In the latter case the observation window, obswin, must be supplied.


The window of observation (not necessarily rectangular) also as an owin object.


The coverage probability of a stationary RACS is the probability that an arbitrary point is covered by the RACS. Given a binary map, xi, of a realisation of stationary RACS Ξ in a window W, this function computes the fraction of W covered by foreground, which is an estimate of the coverage probability. See (Chiu et al., 2013, Section 6.4.2) for more details.

If xi is an im object then xi must be an image of 1s, 0s and NAs representing inside the set, outside the set and outside the observation window respectively. coverageprob will not accept a obswin argument if xi is an im object.


An estimate of the coverage probability


Kassel Liam Hingee


Chiu, S.N., Stoyan, D., Kendall, W.S. and Mecke, J. (2013) Stochastic Geometry and Its Applications, 3rd ed. Chichester, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons.


xi <- heather$coarse
obswindow <- Frame(heather$coarse)
cp <- coverageprob(xi, obswindow)

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