lattice: Trellis Graphics for R

A powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system inspired by Trellis graphics, with an emphasis on multivariate data. Lattice is sufficient for typical graphics needs, and is also flexible enough to handle most nonstandard requirements. See ?Lattice for an introduction.

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AuthorDeepayan Sarkar <>
Date of publication2017-03-25 18:05:47 UTC
MaintainerDeepayan Sarkar <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

axis.default: Default axis annotation utilities

banking: Banking

barchart.table: table methods for barchart and dotplot

barley: Yield data from a Minnesota barley trial

cloud: 3d Scatter Plot and Wireframe Surface Plot

draw.colorkey: Produce a Colorkey for levelplot

draw.key: Produce a Legend or Key

environmental: Atmospheric environmental conditions in New York City

ethanol: Engine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol

histogram: Histograms and Kernel Density Plots

interaction: Functions to Interact with Lattice Plots

Lattice: Lattice Graphics

lattice.options: Low-level Options Controlling Behaviour of Lattice

latticeParseFormula: Parse Trellis formula

level.colors: A function to compute false colors representing a numeric or...

levelplot: Level plots and contour plots

llines: Replacements of traditional graphics functions

lset: Interface to modify Trellis Settings - Defunct

make.groups: Grouped data from multiple vectors

melanoma: Melanoma skin cancer incidence

oneway: Fit One-way Model

packet.panel.default: Associating Packets with Panels

panel.axis: Panel Function for Drawing Axis Ticks and Labels

panel.barchart: Default Panel Function for barchart

panel.bwplot: Default Panel Function for bwplot Default Panel Function for cloud

panel.densityplot: Default Panel Function for densityplot

panel.dotplot: Default Panel Function for dotplot

panel.functions: Useful Panel Function Components

panel.histogram: Default Panel Function for histogram

panel.levelplot: Panel Functions for levelplot and contourplot

panel.loess: Panel Function to Add a LOESS Smooth

panel.number: Accessing Auxiliary Information During Plotting

panel.pairs: Default Superpanel Function for splom

panel.parallel: Default Panel Function for parallel

panel.qqmath: Default Panel Function for qqmath

panel.qqmathline: Useful panel function with qqmath

panel.smoothScatter: Lattice panel function analogous to smoothScatter

panel.spline: Panel Function to Add a Spline Smooth

panel.stripplot: Default Panel Function for stripplot

panel.superpose: Panel Function for Display Marked by groups

panel.violin: Panel Function to create Violin Plots

panel.xyplot: Default Panel Function for xyplot

prepanel.default: Default Prepanel Functions

prepanel.functions: Useful Prepanel Function for Lattice

print.trellis: Plot and Summarize Trellis Objects

qq: Quantile-Quantile Plots of Two Samples

qqmath: Q-Q Plot with Theoretical Distribution

rfs: Residual and Fit Spread Plots

Rows: Extract rows from a list

shingles: shingles

simpleKey: Function to generate a simple key

simpleTheme: Function to generate a simple theme

singer: Heights of New York Choral Society singers

splom: Scatter Plot Matrices

strip.default: Default Trellis Strip Function

tmd: Tukey Mean-Difference Plot

trellis.device: Initializing Trellis Displays

trellis.object: A Trellis Plot Object

trellis.par.get: Graphical Parameters for Trellis Displays

update.trellis: Retrieve and Update Trellis Object

USMortality: Mortality Rates in US by Cause and Gender

utilities.3d: Utility functions for 3-D plots

xyplot: Common Bivariate Trellis Plots

xyplot.ts: Time series plotting methods


as.character.shingleLevel Man page Man page
as.factorOrShingle Man page
as.shingle Man page
axis.default Man page
banking Man page
barchart Man page
barchart.array Man page
barchart.default Man page
barchart.formula Man page
barchart.matrix Man page
barchart.numeric Man page
barchart.table Man page
barley Man page
bwplot Man page
bwplot.formula Man page
bwplot.numeric Man page
canonical.theme Man page
cloud Man page
cloud.formula Man page
cloud.matrix Man page
cloud.table Man page
col.whitebg Man page
contourplot Man page
contourplot.array Man page
contourplot.formula Man page
contourplot.matrix Man page
contourplot.table Man page
current.column Man page
current.panel.limits Man page
current.row Man page
densityplot Man page
densityplot.formula Man page
densityplot.numeric Man page
diag.panel.splom Man page
dimnames.trellis Man page
dim.trellis Man page
do.breaks Man page
dotplot Man page
dotplot.array Man page
dotplot.default Man page
dotplot.formula Man page
dotplot.matrix Man page
dotplot.numeric Man page
dotplot.table Man page
draw.colorkey Man page
draw.key Man page
environmental Man page
equal.count Man page
ethanol Man page
histogram Man page
histogram.factor Man page
histogram.formula Man page
histogram.numeric Man page
is.shingle Man page
larrows Man page
lattice Man page
Lattice Man page
lattice.getOption Man page
lattice.options Man page
lattice-package Man page
latticeParseFormula Man page
level.colors Man page
levelplot Man page
levelplot.array Man page
levelplot.formula Man page
levelplot.matrix Man page
levelplot.table Man page
llines Man page
llines.default Man page
lplot.xy Man page
lpoints Man page
lpoints.default Man page
lpolygon Man page
lrect Man page
lsegments Man page
lset Man page
ltext Man page
ltext.default Man page
ltransform3dMatrix Man page
ltransform3dto3d Man page
make.groups Man page
melanoma Man page
oneway Man page
packet.number Man page
packet.panel.default Man page
palette.shade Man page
panel.3dscatter Man page
panel.3dwire Man page
panel.abline Man page
panel.arrows Man page
panel.average Man page
panel.axis Man page
panel.barchart Man page
panel.brush.splom Man page
panel.bwplot Man page Man page
panel.contourplot Man page
panel.curve Man page
panel.densityplot Man page
panel.dotplot Man page
panel.error Man page
panel.fill Man page
panel.functions Man page
panel.grid Man page
panel.histogram Man page
panel.identify Man page Man page
panel.identify.qqmath Man page
panel.levelplot Man page
panel.levelplot.raster Man page
panel.linejoin Man page
panel.lines Man page Man page
panel.lmline Man page
panel.loess Man page
panel.mathdensity Man page
panel.number Man page
panel.pairs Man page
panel.parallel Man page
panel.points Man page
panel.polygon Man page
panel.qq Man page
panel.qqmath Man page
panel.qqmathline Man page
panel.rect Man page
panel.refline Man page
panel.rug Man page
panel.segments Man page
panel.smoothScatter Man page
panel.spline Man page
panel.splom Man page
panel.stripplot Man page
panel.superpose Man page
panel.superpose.2 Man page
panel.superpose.plain Man page
panel.text Man page
panel.tmd.default Man page
panel.tmd.qqmath Man page
panel.violin Man page
panel.wireframe Man page
panel.xyplot Man page
parallel Man page
parallelplot Man page Man page
parallelplot.formula Man page
parallelplot.matrix Man page
plot.shingle Man page
plot.trellis Man page
prepanel.default.bwplot Man page Man page
prepanel.default.densityplot Man page
prepanel.default.histogram Man page
prepanel.default.levelplot Man page
prepanel.default.parallel Man page
prepanel.default.qq Man page
prepanel.default.qqmath Man page
prepanel.default.splom Man page
prepanel.default.xyplot Man page
prepanel.lmline Man page
prepanel.loess Man page
prepanel.qqmathline Man page
prepanel.spline Man page
prepanel.tmd.default Man page
prepanel.tmd.qqmath Man page
print.shingle Man page
print.shingleLevel Man page
print.trellis Man page
qq Man page
qq.formula Man page
qqmath Man page
qqmath.formula Man page
qqmath.numeric Man page
rfs Man page
Rows Man page
shingle Man page
[.shingle Man page
show.settings Man page
simpleKey Man page
simpleTheme Man page
singer Man page
splom Man page Man page
splom.formula Man page
splom.matrix Man page
standard.theme Man page
strip.custom Man page
strip.default Man page
stripplot Man page
stripplot.formula Man page
stripplot.numeric Man page
summary.shingle Man page
summary.trellis Man page
tmd Man page
tmd.formula Man page
tmd.trellis Man page
[.trellis Man page
trellis.currentLayout Man page
trellis.device Man page
trellis.focus Man page
trellis.grobname Man page
trellis.last.object Man page
trellis.object Man page
trellis.panelArgs Man page
trellis.par.get Man page
trellis.par.set Man page
trellis.switchFocus Man page
trellis.unfocus Man page
trellis.vpname Man page
t.trellis Man page
update.trellis Man page
USMortality Man page
USRegionalMortality Man page
utilities.3d Man page
which.packet Man page
wireframe Man page
wireframe.formula Man page
wireframe.matrix Man page
xscale.components.default Man page
xyplot Man page
xyplot.formula Man page
xyplot.ts Man page
yscale.components.default Man page


tests/dotplotscoping.R tests/wireframe.R tests/dates.R tests/levelplot.R tests/test.R tests/temp.R tests/MASSch04.R tests/scales.R tests/fontsize.R
demo/panel.R demo/lattice.R
demo/labels.R demo/intervals.R
R/summary.trellis.R R/axis.R R/parallel.R R/densityplot.R R/panel.superpose.R R/splom.R R/panel.smooth.R R/strip.R R/legend.R R/layout.R R/make.groups.R R/xyplot.R R/miscellaneous.R R/xyplot.ts.R R/histogram.R R/common.R R/rfs.R R/levelplot.R R/settings.R R/qq.R R/update.trellis.R R/print.trellis.R R/qqmath.R R/tmd.R R/panels.R R/panel.smoothscatter.R R/interaction.R R/bwplot.R R/zzz.R R/shingle.R R/scales.R R/cloud.R
man/interaction.Rd man/singer.Rd man/panel.spline.Rd man/panel.densityplot.Rd man/packet.panel.default.Rd man/trellis.par.get.Rd man/xyplot.Rd man/panel.histogram.Rd man/draw.key.Rd man/llines.Rd man/oneway.Rd man/USMortality.Rd man/shingles.Rd man/panel.axis.Rd man/prepanel.default.Rd man/strip.default.Rd man/level.colors.Rd man/panel.functions.Rd man/axis.default.Rd man/panel.number.Rd man/make.groups.Rd man/environmental.Rd man/panel.stripplot.Rd man/print.trellis.Rd man/barley.Rd man/ethanol.Rd man/panel.xyplot.Rd man/panel.barchart.Rd man/panel.violin.Rd man/cloud.Rd man/splom.Rd man/panel.dotplot.Rd man/panel.levelplot.Rd man/banking.Rd man/panel.qqmathline.Rd man/lattice.options.Rd man/tmd.Rd man/panel.bwplot.Rd man/trellis.object.Rd man/update.trellis.Rd man/panel.smoothScatter.Rd man/prepanel.functions.Rd man/qqmath.Rd man/trellis.device.Rd man/Rows.Rd man/panel.parallel.Rd man/rfs.Rd man/panel.pairs.Rd man/panel.superpose.Rd man/draw.colorkey.Rd man/latticeParseFormula.Rd man/levelplot.Rd man/panel.qqmath.Rd man/Lattice.Rd man/xyplot.ts.Rd man/lset.Rd man/utilities.3d.Rd man/histogram.Rd man/simpleKey.Rd man/simpleTheme.Rd man/melanoma.Rd man/ man/panel.loess.Rd man/qq.Rd man/barchart.table.Rd

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