Man pages for lattice
Trellis Graphics for R

axis.defaultDefault axis annotation utilities
barchart.tabletable methods for barchart and dotplot
barleyYield data from a Minnesota barley trial
cloud3d Scatter Plot and Wireframe Surface Plot
draw.colorkeyProduce a colorkey typically for levelplot
draw.keyProduce a Legend or Key
environmentalAtmospheric environmental conditions in New York City
ethanolEngine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol
histogramHistograms and Kernel Density Plots
interactionFunctions to Interact with Lattice Plots
LatticeLattice Graphics
lattice.optionsLow-level Options Controlling Behaviour of Lattice
latticeParseFormulaParse Trellis formula
level.colorsA function to compute false colors representing a numeric or...
levelplotLevel plots and contour plots
llinesReplacements of traditional graphics functions
lsetInterface to modify Trellis Settings - Defunct
make.groupsGrouped data from multiple vectors
melanomaMelanoma skin cancer incidence
onewayFit One-way Model
packet.panel.defaultAssociating Packets with Panels
panel.axisPanel Function for Drawing Axis Ticks and Labels
panel.barchartDefault Panel Function for barchart
panel.bwplotDefault Panel Function for bwplot
panel.cloudDefault Panel Function for cloud
panel.densityplotDefault Panel Function for densityplot
panel.dotplotDefault Panel Function for dotplot
panel.functionsUseful Panel Function Components
panel.histogramDefault Panel Function for histogram
panel.levelplotPanel Functions for levelplot and contourplot
panel.loessPanel Function to Add a LOESS Smooth
panel.numberAccessing Auxiliary Information During Plotting
panel.pairsDefault Superpanel Function for splom
panel.parallelDefault Panel Function for parallel
panel.qqmathDefault Panel Function for qqmath
panel.qqmathlineUseful panel function with qqmath
panel.smoothScatterLattice panel function analogous to smoothScatter
panel.splinePanel Function to Add a Spline Smooth
panel.stripplotDefault Panel Function for stripplot
panel.superposePanel Function for Display Marked by groups
panel.violinPanel Function to create Violin Plots
panel.xyplotDefault Panel Function for xyplot
prepanel.defaultDefault Prepanel Functions
prepanel.functionsUseful Prepanel Function for Lattice
print.trellisPlot and Summarize Trellis Objects
qqQuantile-Quantile Plots of Two Samples
qqmathQ-Q Plot with Theoretical Distribution
rfsResidual and Fit Spread Plots
RowsExtract rows from a list
simpleKeyFunction to generate a simple key
simpleThemeFunction to generate a simple theme
singerHeights of New York Choral Society singers
splomScatter Plot Matrices
standard.themeBuilt-in Graphical Themes
strip.defaultDefault Trellis Strip Function
tmdTukey Mean-Difference Plot
trellis.deviceInitializing Trellis Displays
trellis.objectA Trellis Plot Object
trellis.par.getGraphical Parameters for Trellis Displays
update.trellisRetrieve and Update Trellis Object
USMortalityMortality Rates in US by Cause and Gender
utilities.3dUtility functions for 3-D plots
xyplotCommon Bivariate Trellis Plots
xyplot.tsTime series plotting methods
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