panel.stripplot: Default Panel Function for stripplot

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Default Panel Function for stripplot


This is the default panel function for stripplot. Also see panel.superpose


panel.stripplot(x, y, = FALSE,
                factor = 0.5, amount = NULL,
                horizontal = TRUE, groups = NULL,
                grid = lattice.getOption("default.args")$grid,
                identifier = "stripplot")



coordinates of points to be plotted

whether points should be jittered to avoid overplotting. The actual jittering is performed inside panel.xyplot, using its jitter.x or jitter.y argument (depending on the value of horizontal).

factor, amount

amount of jittering, see jitter


logical. If FALSE, the plot is ‘transposed’ in the sense that the behaviours of x and y are switched. x is now the ‘factor’. Interpretation of other arguments change accordingly. See documentation of bwplot for a fuller explanation.


optional grouping variable


additional arguments, passed on to panel.xyplot


A logical flag, character string, or list specifying whether and how a background grid should be drawn. In its general form, grid can be a list of arguments to be supplied to panel.grid, which is called with those arguments. Three shortcuts are available:


roughly equivalent to list(h = -1, v = -1)


roughly equivalent to list(h = -1, v = 0)


roughly equivalent to list(h = 0, v = -1)

No grid is drawn if grid = FALSE.


A character string that is prepended to the names of grobs that are created by this panel function.


Creates stripplot (one dimensional scatterplot) of x for each level of y (or vice versa, depending on the value of horizontal)


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

stripplot, jitter

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