Man pages for leaflet
Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library

aaa-test-viztestVisual Testing scripts for vistest
addAwesomeMarkersAdd Awesome Markers
addGraticuleAdd a Graticule on the map see...
addLayersControlAdd UI controls to switch layers on and off
addLegendAdd a color legend to a map
addMapPaneAdd additional panes to leaflet map to control layer order
addMeasureAdd a measure control to the map.
addMiniMapAdd a minimap to the Map...
addProviderTilesAdd a tile layer from a known map provider
addRasterImageAdd a raster image as a layer
addRasterLegendAdd a color legend for a SpatRaster to a map
addScaleBarAdd or remove a scale bar
addSimpleGraticuleAdd a simple Graticule on the map see...
addTerminatorAdd a daylight layer on top of the map
atlStorms2005Atlantic Ocean storms 2005
awesomeIconListMake awesome-icon set
awesomeIconsCreate a list of awesome icon data see...
breweries91Selected breweries in Franconia
colorNumericColor mapping
deprecatedLegacy functions
derivePointsGiven a data object and lng/lat arguments (which may be NULL...
derivePolygonsGiven a data object and lng/lat arguments (which may be NULL...
dispatchExtension points for plugins
easyButtonCreate an easyButton statestate
evalFormulaEvaluate list members that are formulae, using the map data...
expandLimitsNotifies the map of new latitude/longitude of items of...
expandLimitsBboxSame as expandLimits, but takes a polygon (that presumably...
filterNULLremove NULL elements from a list
gadmCHEAdministrative borders of Switzerland (level 1)
getMapDatareturns the map's data
groupOptionsSet options on layer groups
iconListMake icon set
iconsCreate a list of icon data
leafletCreate a Leaflet map widget
leafletDependenciesVarious leaflet dependency functions for use in downstream...
leaflet-importsObjects imported from other packages
leaflet-packageleaflet: Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript...
leafletProxySend commands to a Leaflet instance in a Shiny app
leafletSizingPolicyLeaflet sizing policy
makeAwesomeIconMake Awesome Icon
makeIconDefine icon sets
map-layersGraphics elements and layers
map-methodsMethods to manipulate the map widget
map-optionsExtra options for map elements and layers
mapOptionsSet options on a leaflet map object
map-shinyWrapper functions for using 'leaflet' in 'shiny'
previewColorsColor previewing utility
removeRemove elements from a map
safeLabelSanitize textual labels
showGroupShow or hide layer groups
validateCoordsUtility function to check if a coordinates is valid
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