lessR: Less Code, More Results

Each function accomplishes the work of several or more standard R functions. For example, two function calls, Read() and CountAll(), read the data and generate summary statistics for all variables in the data frame, plus histograms and bar charts as appropriate. Other functions provide for descriptive statistics, a comprehensive regression analysis, analysis of variance and t-test, plotting, bar chart, histogram, box plot, density curves, calibrated power curve, reading multiple data formats with the same function call, variable labels, color themes, Trellis graphics and a built-in help system. A confirmatory factor analysis of multiple indicator measurement models is available, as are pedagogical routines for data simulation such as for the Central Limit Theorem. Compatible with 'RStudio' and 'knitr' including generation of R markdown instructions for interpretative output.

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AuthorDavid W. Gerbing, School of Business Administration, Portland State University
Date of publication2017-03-31 06:12:54 UTC
MaintainerDavid W. Gerbing <gerbing@pdx.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ANOVA: Analysis of Variance

BarChart: Bar Chart for One or Two Variables

BoxPlot: Boxplot

corCFA: Confirmatory Factor Analysis of a Multiple Indicator...

corEFA: Exploratory Factor Analysis and Multiple Indicator...

corProp: Proportionality Coefficients from Correlations

corRead: Read Specified Correlation Matrix

corReflect: Reflect Specified Variables in a Correlation Matrix

Correlation: Correlation Analysis

corReorder: Reorder Variables in a Correlation Matrix

corScree: Eigenvalue Plot of a Correlation Matrix

CountAll: CountAll Descriptive Analysis of all Variables in the Data...

dataBodyMeas: Data: Body Measurements

dataCars93: Data: Cars93

dataEmployee: Data: Employees

dataJackets: Data: Motorcycle Type and Thickness of Jacket

dataLearn: Data: Distributed vs Massed Practice

dataMach4: Data: Machiavellianism

dataReading: Data: Reading Ability

dataStockPrice: Data: Stock price of Apple, IBM and Intel from 1980 into 2017

Density: Density Curves from Data plus Histogram

details: Display Contents of a Data File and Optional Variable Labels

global: Set the Default Color Theme and Other System Settings

Help: Help System for Statistics by Topic that Suggests Related...

Histogram: Histogram

label: Assign Variable Labels [Supersceded by VariableLabels]

LineChart: Line Chart such as a Run Chart or Time-Series Chart

Logit: Logit Regression Analysis

Merge: Merge Two Data Frames Horizontally or Vertically

Model: Regression Analysis, ANOVA or t-test

Nest: Nest the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable

PieChart: Pie Chart

Plot: Plot One or Two Continuous and/or Categorical Variables

print_outall: Display All Text Output from a Saved List Object

print_outpiece: Display a Portion of Output from a Saved List Object

prob.norm: Compute and Plot Normal Curve Probabilities over an Interval

prob.tcut: Plot t-distribution Curve and Specified Cutoffs with Normal...

prob.znorm: Plot a Normal Curve with Shaded Intervals by Standard...

Read: Read Contents of a Data File with Optional Variable Labels...

Recode: Recode the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable

regPlot: regPlot Analysis

Regression: Regression Analysis

showColors: Display All Named R Colors and Corresponding rgb Values

simCImean: Pedagogical Simulation for the Confidence Interval of the...

simCLT: Pedagogical Simulation for the Central Limit Theorem

simFlips: Pedagogical Binomial Simulation, Coin flips

simMeans: Pedagogical Simulation of Sample Means over Repeated Samples

Sort: Sort the Rows of a Data Frame

Subset: Subset the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable

SummaryStats: Summary Statistics for One or Two Variables

to: Create a Sequence of Numbered Variable Names with a Common...

Transform: Transform the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable

ttest: Generic Method for t-test and Standardized Mean Difference...

ttestPower: Compute a Power Curve for a One or Two Group t-test

values: List the Values of a Variable

VariableLabels: Return or Assign a Variable Label

Write: Write the Contents of a Data Frame to an External File

xAnd: Text Processing: Insert and Into a List

xNum: Text Processing: Convert a Number to a Word

xP: Text Processing: Print Formatted Numbers

xRow: Add the Word Row to Case Labels that Could be Numeric

xU: Text Processing: Capitalize First Letter of a Word

xW: Text Processing: Wrap Words to Create New Lines From a...


ANOVA Man page
av Man page
av.brief Man page
BarChart Man page
bc Man page
BoxPlot Man page
bx Man page
ca Man page
cfa Man page
corCFA Man page
corEFA Man page
corProp Man page
corRead Man page
corReflect Man page
Correlation Man page
corReorder Man page
corScree Man page
CountAll Man page
cr Man page
cr.brief Man page
dataBodyMeas Man page
dataCars93 Man page
dataEmployee Man page
dataJackets Man page
dataLearn Man page
dataMach4 Man page
dataReading Man page
dataStockPrice Man page
Density Man page
details Man page
details.brief Man page
dn Man page
efa Man page
global Man page
Help Man page
Histogram Man page
hs Man page
label Man page
lc Man page
LineChart Man page
Logit Man page
lr Man page
Merge Man page
model Man page
Model Man page
model.brief Man page
mrg Man page
Nest Man page
nt Man page
pc Man page
PieChart Man page
Plot Man page
print.out_all Man page
print.out_piece Man page
prob.norm Man page
prob.tcut Man page
prob.znorm Man page
prop Man page
rd Man page
rd.brief Man page
rd.cor Man page
Read Man page
Read2 Man page
rec Man page
Recode Man page
reflect Man page
reg Man page
reg.brief Man page
regPlot Man page
Regression Man page
reord Man page
scales Man page
ScatterPlot Man page
scree Man page
set Man page
showColors Man page
simCImean Man page
simCLT Man page
simFlips Man page
simMeans Man page
Sort Man page
sp Man page
srt Man page
ss Man page
ss.brief Man page
subs Man page
Subset Man page
SummaryStats Man page
theme Man page
to Man page
trans Man page
Transform Man page
tt Man page
tt.brief Man page
ttest Man page
ttestPower Man page
ttp Man page
values Man page
VariableLabels Man page
vl Man page
Write Man page
wrt Man page
wrt.r Man page
xAnd Man page
xNum Man page
xP Man page
xRow Man page
xU Man page
xW Man page


R/pc.zmain.R R/cr.brief.R R/Density.R R/hst.zlattice.R R/reord.R R/ss.R R/CountAll.R R/dp.zmain.R R/tt.z1group.R R/reflect.R R/logit.z4Pred.R R/lr.R R/SummaryStats.R R/prop.R R/efa.R R/sp.R R/theme.R R/cr.zmain.R R/values.R R/cr.R R/plt.zmain.R R/BoxPlot.R R/mrg.R R/nt.R R/Read2.R R/Correlation.R R/ss.brief.R R/scree.R R/bx.R R/Regression.R R/tt.brief.R R/srt.R R/plt.zlegend.R R/simCLT.R R/tt.z2graph.R R/ttestPower.R R/cor_mimm.R R/ANOVA.R R/prob.norm.R R/reg.z2Relations.R R/simCImean.R R/showColors.R R/label.R R/details.R R/ScatterPlot.R R/Model.R R/corReorder.R R/plt.zbad.R R/Plot.R R/av.brief.R R/print.outall.r R/LineChart.R R/to.R R/ca.R R/Help.R R/plt.zlattice.R R/reg.z1fitBasic.R R/tt.zformula.R R/bc.R R/Recode.R R/xRow.R R/ANOVAz1.R R/prob.znorm.R R/xW.R R/dpmat.zmain.R R/PieChart.R R/reg.z1bckBasic.R R/dist.Rmd.R R/xAnd.R R/corRead.R R/corReflect.R R/pc.R R/ss.zdata.frame.R R/vl.R R/prob.tcut.R R/cr.data.frame.R R/bc.data.frame.R R/corCFA.R R/tt.z1graph.R R/Write.R R/regPlot.R R/cfa.R R/Logit.R R/av.R R/Subset.R R/wrt.r.R R/rd.cor.R R/rd.R R/xU.R R/ANOVAz2.R R/print.outpiece.r R/ss.zfactor.R R/hs.R R/model.brief.R R/wrt.R R/reg.z3dnResidual.R R/BarChart.R R/Transform.R R/rec.R R/reg.brief.R R/plt.ztxt.R R/corEFA.R R/reg.zRmd.R R/ttp2zgraph.R R/corProp.R R/av.Rmd.R R/model2.R R/reg.z1anvBasic.R R/bx.zmain.R R/plt.by.zlegend.R R/Sort.R R/ttest.R R/plt.zadd.R R/xP.R R/details.brief.R R/reg.z3txtResidual.R R/set.R R/plt.zmat.R R/logit.z3Residual.R R/ttp.R R/hst.zmain.R R/rec.zmain.R R/simFlips.R R/dn.zmain.R R/trans.R R/reg.z1modelBasic.R R/hst.stats.R R/reg.z4Pred.R R/reg.R R/tt.z2group.R R/corScree.R R/ss.znumeric.R R/bc.zmain.R R/lc.R R/reg.z3resfitResidual.R R/lc.zmain.R R/tt.R R/global.R R/rd.brief.R R/ss.zreal.R R/zzz.R R/reg.z5Plot.R R/corFA.Rmd.R R/Nest.R R/Histogram.R R/scales.R R/dn.R R/Merge.R R/subs.R R/Read.R R/simMeans.R R/VariableLabels.R R/xNum.R
man/dataBodyMeas.Rd man/dataLearn.Rd man/prob.znorm.Rd man/Transform.Rd man/Density.Rd man/Model.Rd man/dataReading.Rd man/Sort.Rd man/Histogram.Rd man/dataStockPrice.Rd man/Logit.Rd man/PieChart.Rd man/Plot.Rd man/simCLT.Rd man/values.Rd man/xNum.Rd man/xW.Rd man/xU.Rd man/BarChart.Rd man/showColors.Rd man/corEFA.Rd man/simCImean.Rd man/ttestPower.Rd man/prob.tcut.Rd man/xRow.Rd man/corRead.Rd man/Correlation.Rd man/xAnd.Rd man/VariableLabels.Rd man/to.Rd man/regPlot.Rd man/LineChart.Rd man/print_outpiece.Rd man/ttest.Rd man/xP.Rd man/simMeans.Rd man/SummaryStats.Rd man/corProp.Rd man/Read.Rd man/corScree.Rd man/Subset.Rd man/Merge.Rd man/dataEmployee.Rd man/Write.Rd man/simFlips.Rd man/dataJackets.Rd man/label.Rd man/prob.norm.Rd man/print_outall.Rd man/corReorder.Rd man/Regression.Rd man/Help.Rd man/dataMach4.Rd man/CountAll.Rd man/Nest.Rd man/corCFA.Rd man/global.Rd man/details.Rd man/Recode.Rd man/corReflect.Rd man/dataCars93.Rd man/BoxPlot.Rd man/ANOVA.Rd

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