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1993 New Car Data.




A data table with 93 observations and 25 variables.

Make: Model
Type: Small, Sporty, Compact, Midsize, Large
MinPrice: Minimum Price (in $1,000) - Price for basic version of this model
MidPrice: Midrange Price (in $1,000) - Average of Min and Max prices
MaxPrice: Maximum Price (in $1,000) - Price for a premium version
MPGcity: City MPG
MPGhiway: Highway MPG
Airbags: 0 = none, 1 = driver only, 2 = driver & passenger
DriveTrain: 0 = rear wheel drive, 1 = front wheel drive, 2 = all wheel drive
Cylinders: Number of cylinders
Engine: Engine size (liters)
HP: maximum Horsepower
RPM: revolutions per minute at maximum horsepower
RevMile: Engine revolutions per mile in highest gear
Manual: Manual transmission available, 0 = No, 1 = Yes
FuelCap: Fuel tank capacity (gallons)
PassCap: Passenger capacity (persons)
Length: Length (inches)
Wheelbase: Wheelbase (inches)
Width: Width (inches)
Uturn: U-turn space (feet)
RearSeat: Rear seat room (inches)
LugCap: Luggage capacity (cu. ft.)
Weight: Weight (pounds)
Source: 0=non-USA manufacturer, 1=USA manufacturer


Lock, R. H. (1993). 1993 new car data. Journal of Statistics Education, 1(1).

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