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ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
BarChartBar Chart for One or Two Variables
corCFAConfirmatory Factor Analysis of a Multiple Indicator...
corEFAExploratory Factor Analysis and Multiple Indicator...
corPropProportionality Coefficients from Correlations
corReadRead Specified Correlation Matrix
corReflectReflect Specified Variables in a Correlation Matrix
CorrelationCorrelation Analysis
corReorderReorder Variables in a Correlation Matrix
corScreeEigenvalue Plot of a Correlation Matrix
CountAllCountAll Descriptive Analysis of all Variables in the Data...
dataBodyMeasData: Body Measurements
dataCars93Data: Cars93
dataEmployeeData: Employees
dataEmployee_lblVariableLabels: Employee Data Set
dataJacketsData: Motorcycle Type and Thickness of Jacket
dataLearnData: Distributed vs Massed Practice
dataMach4Data: Machiavellianism
dataMach4_lblVariableLabels: Mach4 Data Set
dataReadingData: Reading Ability
dataStockPriceData: Stock price of Apple, IBM and Intel from 1980 through...
DensityDensity Curves from Data plus Histogram
detailsDisplay Contents of a Data File and Optional Variable Labels
doFactorsCreate Factor Variables Across a Sequential Range or Vector...
getColorsHue, Chroma, Luminance (HCL) Color Wheel or Specified Colors
HelpHelp System for Statistics by Topic that Suggests Related...
labelAssign Variable Labels [Superseded by VariableLabels]
LineChartLine Chart such as a Run Chart or Time-Series Chart
LogitLogit Regression Analysis
MergeMerge Two Data Frames Horizontally or Vertically
ModelRegression Analysis, ANOVA or t-test
NestNest the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable
PieChartPie Chart
PlotPlot One or Two Continuous and/or Categorical Variables
print_outallDisplay All Text Output from a Saved List Object
print_outpieceDisplay a Portion of Output from a Saved List Object
prob.normCompute and Plot Normal Curve Probabilities over an Interval
prob.tcutPlot t-distribution Curve and Specified Cutoffs with Normal...
prob.znormPlot a Normal Curve with Shaded Intervals by Standard...
ReadRead Contents of a Data File with Optional Variable Labels...
RecodeRecode the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable
regPlotregPlot Analysis
RegressionRegression Analysis
showColorsDisplay All Named R Colors and Corresponding rgb Values
simCImeanPedagogical Simulation for the Confidence Interval of the...
simCLTPedagogical Simulation for the Central Limit Theorem
simFlipsPedagogical Binomial Simulation, Coin flips
simMeansPedagogical Simulation of Sample Means over Repeated Samples
SortSort the Rows of a Data Frame
styleSet the Default Color Theme and Other System Settings
SubsetSubset the Values of One or More Variables
SummaryStatsSummary Statistics for One or Two Variables
toCreate a Sequence of Numbered Variable Names with a Common...
TransformTransform the Values of an Integer or Factor Variable
ttestGeneric Method for t-test and Standardized Mean Difference...
ttestPowerCompute a Power Curve for a One or Two Group t-test
valuesList the Values of a Variable
VariableLabelsCreate or Display Variable Labels
WriteWrite the Contents of a Data Frame to an External File
xAndText Processing: Insert and Into a List
xNumText Processing: Convert a Number to a Word
xPText Processing: Print Formatted Numbers
xRowText Processing: Add the Word Row to Case Labels that Could...
xUText Processing: Capitalize First Letter of a Word
xWText Processing: Wrap Words to Create New Lines From a...
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