Man pages for liayson
Linking Singe-Cell Transcriptomes Atween Contemporary Subpopulation Genomes

aggregateSegmentExpressionAggregating genes across copy number segments.
assignCellsToClustersAssigns cells to previously defined clones.
clusterCellsGrouping cells into clones.
cnpsSegment-by-cell matrix of copy number states from NCI-N87...
epgGene-by-cell matrix of expression from NCI-N87 cell line.
epsSegment-by-cell matrix of expression from NCI-N87 cell line.
getNumResClone size resolution.
runLIAYSONMain Function.
saveClusteredCellsSaving clones to user-defined output.
segmentExpression2CopyNumberCalling CNVs.
segmentsBulk copy number profile of NCI-N87 cell line.
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