er.model: Electron-range models

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In libamtrack, there are currently seven parametrizations of the maximal distance electrons travel from the center of a particle track as a function of the primary particle's energy. They are referred to using sequential positive integer numbers (see details).


er.model description
1 A simple test function (constant range)
2 Parametrization proposed by Butts and Katz (Butts & Katz, 1972)
3 Parametrization proposed by M. Waligorski (Waligorski, 1985)
4 Parametrization proposed by O. Geiss (Geiss, 1997)
5 Parametrization proposed by M. Scholz (Scholz, 1997)
6 Parametrization proposed by J. Edmund (Edmund et al., 2007)
7 Parametrization proposed by Tabata (Tabata, 1972)

See Also

More information on the electron-range models, especially the explicit formulas used, valid energy ranges and references to literature are found in the libamtrack reference manual (

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