L_1way_RM_ANOVA: Likelihood Supports for One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA

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Likelihood Supports for One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA


This function calculates support for the treatment means versus the null model, Type of correction for the parameters in the null versus the means model can be selected. support for the first contrast versus the group means model and the support for the first versus the second contrast. Also gives the F, p and partial eta-squared values for the overall analysis, and F and p for the first contrast. Assumes sphericity.


L_1way_RM_ANOVA(dat, group, ID, correct=1, contrast1=NULL, contrast2=NULL, verb=TRUE)



a (non-empty) numeric vector of data values.


a vector the same length as data, coding for k groups.


is an identifier for each case.


specifies the correction: 0 = none, 1 = Occam's bonus (default), 2 = AIC


first contrast, default = NULL.


second contrast, default = NULL.


show output, default = TRUE.


$S.12 - support for groups means hypothesis versus null, uncorrected

$S.12c - corrected

$capplied - type of correction

$S.1m = support for first contrast versus means model.

$S.cont.12 - support for first versus second contrast.

$contrast1 - first contrast.

$contrast2 - second contrast.

$gp.means - group means.

$df - degrees of freedom for ANOVA.

$F.val - F value for overall analysis.

$P.val - p value for the overall analysis.

Fval.c1 - F value for the first contrast.

$df.1 - degrees of freedom for the contrast.

$P.val1 - p value for the contrast.


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# sleep data example, p 97
dat <- c(0.7,	-1.6,	-0.2,	-1.2,	-0.1,	3.4,	3.7,	0.8,	0,	2,
1.9,	0.8,	1.1,	0.1,	-0.1,	4.4,	5.5,	1.6,	4.6,	3.4,
1.5,	1.4,	0.0,	-0.7,	0.5,	5.1,	5.7,	1.5,	4.7,	3.5)
treat <- gl(3,10,30)
patients <- gl(10,1,30)
contrast1 <- c(-1, 0, 1)  # linear
contrast2 <- c(-2, 1, 1)  # 1st vs treatments 2 & 3

m=L_1way_RM_ANOVA(dat, treat, patients, correct=1, contrast1, contrast2)

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