tags_types: List acceptable variable types for tags

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List acceptable variable types for tags


This function returns a named list providing the acceptable data types for the default tags. If no argument is provided, it returns default values. Otherwise, provided values will be used to define the defaults.


tags_types(..., allow_extra = FALSE)



<dynamic-dots> A series of tags provided as tag_name = "column_name", where tag_name indicates any of the known variables listed in 'Details' and values indicate their name in x; see details for a list of known variable types and their expected content


a logical indicating if additional data tags not currently recognized by linelist should be allowed; if FALSE, unknown tags will trigger an error


A named list.

See Also

  • tags_defaults() for the default tags

  • validate_types() uses tags_types() for validating tags

  • validate_linelist() uses tags_types() for validating tags


# list default values

# change existing values
tags_types(date_onset = "Date") # impose a Date class

# add new types e.g. to allow genetic sequences using ape's format
tags_types(sequence = "DNAbin", allow_extra = TRUE)

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