Man pages for lineqGPR
Gaussian Process Regression Models with Linear Inequality Constraints

augment.lineqDGPAugmenting Method for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
augment.lineqGPAugmenting Method for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
basisCompute.lineqDGPBasis Functions for '"lineqDGP"' Models
basisCompute.lineqGPHat Basis Functions for '"lineqGP"' Models
bounds2lineqSysLinear Systems of Inequalities
constrlogLikFunLog-Constrained-Likelihood of a Gaussian Process.
constrlogLikGradNumerical Gradient of the Log-Constrained-Likelihood of a...
createModel Creations
create.lineqDGPCreation Method for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
create.lineqGPCreation Method for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
errorMeasureRegressError Measures for GP Models.
errorMeasureRegressMCError Measures for GP Models using Monte Carlo Samples.
ggplot.lineqDGPGGPlot for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
ggplot.lineqGPGGPlot for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
ineqConstrKernComputeKernel Matrix for '"lineqDGP"' Models.
k1exponential1D Exponential Kernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
k1gaussian1D Gaussian Kernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
k1matern321D Matern 3/2 Kernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
k1matern521D Matern 5/2 Kernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
k2gaussian2D Gaussian Kernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
kernComputeKernel Matrix for '"lineqGP"' Models.
lineqDGPSysLinear Systems of Inequalities for '"lineqDGP"' Models
lineqGPOptimGaussian Process Model Optimizations
lineqGPR-packageGaussian Processes with Linear Inequality Constraints
lineqGPSysLinear Systems of Inequalities for '"lineqGP"' Models
logLikFunLog-Likelihood of a Gaussian Process.
logLikGradGradient of the Log-Likelihood of a Gaussian Process.
plot.lineqDGPPlot for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
plot.lineqGPPlot for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
predict.lineqDGPPrediction Method for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
predict.lineqGPPrediction Method for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
simulate.lineqDGPSimulation Method for the '"lineqDGP"' S3 Class
simulate.lineqGPSimulation Method for the '"lineqGP"' S3 Class
splitDoETraining/test data generator according to a given Design of...
tmvrnormSampling Methods of Truncated Multivariate Normal...
tmvrnorm.ExpT'"tmvrnorm"' Sampler for '"ExpT"' (Exponential Tilting) S3...
tmvrnorm.Gibbs'"tmvrnorm"' Sampler for '"Gibbs"' (Gibbs Sampling) S3 Class
tmvrnorm.HMC'"tmvrnorm"' Sampler for '"HMC"' (Hamiltonian Monte Carlo) S3...
tmvrnorm.RSM'"tmvrnorm"' Sampler for '"RSM"' (Rejection Sampling from the...
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