Man pages for lllcrc
Local Log-linear Models for Capture-Recapture CRC data with age, sex, and zip code
AICc.vgamCompute the AICc for a VGAM model
apply.ic.fitSelect an LLLM at each point
apply.local.mlFit LLLMs
as.numConversion to numeric
capturesSimulating captures
construct.vgamMake a VGAM model
extract.CIUse bootstrap output to get CI
flat.ICSelect an LLM
flat.log.linearFit an LLM
formatdataFormat the CRC data
french.1A fake dataset, french.1
get.ICCompute an information criterion
ic.allCompute an IC for several LLMs
ic.fitSelect and fit an LLM
ic.wghtsInformation criterion model weights
initialize.u.vecInitialize log-linear parameters
init.popSet up a fake population
llcrc.flat.bootsBootstrapping LLMs
lllcrcLocal log-linear models (LLLMs) for capture-recapture (CRC)
lllcrc.bootsBootstrap for LLLMs
lllcrc-packageLocal Log-linear Models for Capture-Recapture
llm.simSimulate basic log-linear CRC experiments
local.mlMaximum likelihood estimation for fixed LLLMs standard LLM design matrix.
make.hierarchical.term.setsGenerate a universe of hierarchical models.
make.patterns.templateTemplate for capture-pattern counts CRC data through micro post-stratification
odd.evensDetermine the even-ness of capture patterns
patternsCollapse capture events into capture patterns (strings)
patterns.possibleGenerate all observable capture patterns
pirlsMaximum likelihood for log-linear coefficients
plotPlot LLLMs
plot.llsimPlot the output of 'llm.sim' CRC data into LLM vector
poptopSimulate a CRC experiment estimated rates of missingness by category
resample.capturesTool for bootstrapping
saturated.localUse odd-even formula to fit saturated LLM
smooth.patternsLocal averaging for LLLMs
stackydensStack local capture pattern frequencies for plotting LLM vector into a LLM design matrix LLLM by factor
summarySummary of LLLM or VGAM CRC analysis
vgam.crcBuild a VGAM CRC model
vgam.crc.bootsBootstrapping for a VGAM CRC model patterns to design matrix
zglmMaximum likelihood for log-linear coefficients
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