Bootstrapping for a VGAM CRC model

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Implement a single instance of resampling process to simulate a replicate of the vgam.crc model.





A list of control parameters for the bootstrapping process. See the example under lllcrc-package


vgam.crc calls this function for each bootstrap replicate. Many replicates together can be used for empirical confidence interval estimation. The bootstrap is much like that described by Zwane 2003, but more like Method 2 in Norris and Polluck 1996, as we repeat the process of selecting log-linear terms for each bootstrap iteration, and the multinomial sampling probabilities are based on raw local estimates instead of post-log-linear modeling estimates.


A list containing two vectors. The first vector, cpi0, gives the estimated number of missing units at each point; the second, mct, gives the number of units observed at each point. (Dividing the first vector by the second gives an estimate rate of missingness)


Zach Kurtz


Norris JL and Pollock KH (1996). "Including model uncertainty in estimating variances in multiple capture studies." Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 3, pp. 235-244.

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