Man pages for lmom

cdfexpExponential distribution
cdfgamGamma distribution
cdfgevGeneralized extreme-value distribution
cdfgloGeneralized logistic distribution
cdfgnoGeneralized normal distribution
cdfgpaGeneralized Pareto distribution
cdfgumGumbel (extreme-value type I) distribution
cdfkapKappa distribution
cdfln3Three-parameter lognormal distribution
cdfnorNormal distribution
cdfpe3Pearson type III distribution
cdfwakWakeby distribution
cdfweiWeibull distribution
evplotExtreme-value plot
lmom-packageThe lmom package
lmrdL-moment ratio diagram
lmrdpointsAdd points or lines to an L-moment ratio diagram
lmr-functionsL-moments of specific probability distributions
lmrpL-moments of a general probability distribution
pel-functionsParameter estimation for specific distributions by the method...
pelpParameter estimation for a general distribution by the method...
samlmuSample L-moments
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