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Firth's Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression

add1Add or Drop All Possible Single Terms to/from a 'logistf'...
anovaAnalysis of Penalized Deviance for 'logistf' Models
backwardBackward Elimination/Forward Selection of Model Terms in...
CLIP.confintConfidence Intervals after Multiple Imputation: Combination...
CLIP.profileCombine Profile Likelihoods from Imputed-Data Model Fits
flacFLAC - Firth's logistic regression with added covariate
flicFLIC - Firth's logistic regression with intercept correction
logistfFirth's Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression
logistf.controlControl Parameters for 'logistf'
logistf.mod.controlControls additional parameters for 'logistf'
logistf-packageFirth's Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression
logistftestPenalized likelihood ratio test
logistpl.controlControl Parameters for logistf Profile Likelihood Confidence...
plot.logistf.profile'plot' Method for 'logistf' Likelihood Profiles
predict.flacPredict Method for flac Fits
predict.flicPredict Method for flic Fits
predict.logistfPredict Method for logistf Fits
profile.logistfCompute Profile Penalized Likelihood
PVR.confintPseudo Variance Modification of Rubin's Rule
sex2Urinary Tract Infection in American College Students
sexaggUrinary Tract Infection in American College Students
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