sex2: Urinary Tract Infection in American College Students

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This data set deals with urinary tract infection in sexually active college women, along with covariate information on age an contraceptive use. The variables are all binary and coded in 1 (condition is present) and 0 (condition is absent): case (urinary tract infection, the study outcome variable), age (>= 24 years), dia (use of diaphragm), oc (use of oral contraceptive), vic (use of condom), vicl (use of lubricated condom), and vis (use of spermicide).




sex2: a data.frame containing 239 observations; sexagg: an aggregated data.frame containing 31 observations with case weights (COUNT).

Source, the full data was available for download at their webpage, and is distributed along with their LogXact software. Here a reduced version of the original data is reproduced.


Cytel Inc., (2010) LogXact 9 user manual, Cambridge, MA:Cytel Inc.

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