longitudinalData: Longitudinal Data

Tools for longitudinal data and joint longitudinal data (used by packages kml and kml3d).

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AuthorChristophe Genolini [cre, aut], Bruno Falissard [ctb], Dai Fang [ctb], Luke Tierney [ctb]
Date of publication2016-02-16 15:40:46
MaintainerChristophe Genolini <christophe.genolini@u-paris10.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

artificialJointLongData: ~ Data: artificialJointLongData ~

artificialLongData: ~ Data: artificialLongData ~

Constants: ~ Constants ~

distFrechet: ~ Function: Frechet distance ~

expandParLongData: ~ Function: expandParLongData ~

imputation: ~ Function: imputation ~

initializePartition: ~ Function: initializePartition ~

ListPartition-class: ~ Class: ListPartition ~

longData: ~ Function: longData ~

longData3d: ~ Function: longData3d ~

LongData3d-class: ~ Class: LongData3d ~

LongData-class: ~ Class: LongData ~

longDataFrom3d: ~ Function: longDataFrom3d ~

longData-internal: ~ longData: internal objects and methods ~

longDataTo3d: ~ Function: longDataTo3d ~

longitudinalData-package: ~ Package overview: longitudinalData ~

makeLatexFile: ~ Function: makeLatexFile ~

ordered: ~ Function: ordered(ListPartition) ~

parLongData: ~ Function: parLongData, parTraj and parMean~

ParLongData-class: ~ Class: ParLongData ~

partition: ~ Function: partition ~

Partition-class: ~ Class: Partition ~

parWindows: ~ Function: parWindows ~

ParWindows-class: ~ Class: ParWindows ~

plot3dPdf: ~ Function: plot3dPdf for LongData ~

plotAllCriterion: ~ Function: plotAllCriterion ~

plotCriterion: ~ Function: plotCriterion ~

plotTrajMeans: ~ Function: plotTrajMeans for LongData ~

plotTrajMeans3d: ~ Function: plotTrajMeans3d for LongData3d ~

qualityCriterion: ~ Function: qualityCriterion ~

regroup: ~ Function: regroup ~

reshapeLong: ~ Function: wideToLong (or reshapeWideToLong) ~

reshapeWide: ~ Function: longToWide (or reshapeWide) ~

restoreRealData: ~ Function: restoreRealData ~

saveTrianglesAsASY: ~ Function: saveTrianglesAsASY ~

scale: ~ Function: scale for LongData ~

windowsCut: ~ Function: windowsCut ~


artificialJointLongData Man page
artificialLongData Man page
canonicalizeAndMergeScene Man page
catShort Man page
cleanProg Man page
colorScene Man page
colorTriangles Man page
distFrechet Man page
distFrechetRec Man page
expandParLongData Man page
expandParLongData,ParLongData,numeric Man page
expandParLongData,ParLongData,numeric-method Man page
expandParLongData,ParLongData,Partition Man page
expandParLongData,ParLongData,Partition-method Man page
imputation Man page
imputation,array-method Man page
imputation,LongData3d-method Man page
imputation,LongData-method Man page
imputation,matrix-method Man page
initializePartition Man page
initializePartition,numeric,numeric,character,ANY Man page
initializePartition,numeric,numeric,character,ANY-method Man page
initializePartition,numeric,numeric,character,array Man page
initializePartition,numeric,numeric,character,array-method Man page
is.na,LongData3d-method Man page
is.na,LongData-method Man page
is.na,Partition-method Man page
is.tna Man page
is.Triangles3D Man page
listPartition Man page
ListPartition Man page
[<-,ListPartition-ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
[,ListPartition-ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
[,ListPartition-ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,ListPartition-ANY,ANY,ANY-methods Man page
ListPartition-class Man page
listPartition-method Man page
[<-,ListPartition-method Man page
[,ListPartition-method Man page
[,ListPartition-methods Man page
ListPartition_show Man page
longData Man page
LongData Man page
longData3d Man page
LongData3d Man page
[,LongData3d-ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
longData3d,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,LongData3d-ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,LongData3d-ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
LongData3d-class Man page
[<-,LongData3d-method Man page
[,LongData3d-method Man page
longData3d,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing-metho Man page
LongData3d_show Man page
[<-,LongData-ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
[,LongData-ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
longData,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
LongData-class Man page
longDataFrom3d Man page
[<-,LongData-method Man page
[,LongData-method Man page
longData,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
LongData_show Man page
longDataTo3d Man page
longitudinalData Man page
longitudinalData-package Man page
longToWide Man page
makeLatexFile Man page
meanNA Man page
medianNA Man page
METHODS Man page
NAtrunc Man page
ordered Man page
ordered,ListPartition Man page
ordered,ListPartition-method Man page
parLongData Man page
ParLongData Man page
ParLongData-class Man page
[<-,ParLongData-method Man page
[,ParLongData-method Man page
parMEAN Man page
partition Man page
partition,ANY,array,ANY-method Man page
partition,ANY,LongData3d,ANY-method Man page
partition,ANY,LongData,ANY-method Man page
partition,ANY,matrix,ANY-method Man page
partition,ANY,missing,ANY-method Man page
Partition-class Man page
[<-,Partition-method Man page
[,Partition-method Man page
partition,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
parTRAJ Man page
parWindows Man page
ParWindows Man page
ParWindows-class Man page
[<-,ParWindows-method Man page
[,ParWindows-method Man page
plot3d,LongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plot3dPdf Man page
plot3dPdf,LongData3d-method Man page
plot3dPdf,LongData3d,missing-method Man page
plot3dPdf,LongData3d,numeric-method Man page
plot3dPdf,LongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plotAllCriterion Man page
plotAllCriterion,ListPartition Man page
plotAllCriterion,ListPartition-method Man page
plotAllCriterion-method Man page
plotCriterion Man page
plotCriterion,ListPartition Man page
plotCriterion,ListPartition-method Man page
plotCriterion-method Man page
plotTrajMeans Man page
plotTrajMeans3d Man page
plotTrajMeans3d,LongData3d Man page
plotTrajMeans3d,LongData3d-method Man page
plotTrajMeans3d,LongData3d,missing-method Man page
plotTrajMeans3d,LongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData3d Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData3d-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData3d,missing-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData,missing-method Man page
plotTrajMeans,LongData,Partition-method Man page
printMatrixShort Man page
printOneTraj Man page
printShort Man page
printTrajLong Man page
qualityCriterion Man page
qualityCriterion,array,ANY-method Man page
qualityCriterion,LongData3d,Partition-method Man page
qualityCriterion,LongData,Partition-method Man page
qualityCriterion,matrix,ANY-method Man page
qualityCriterion,matrix,integer-method Man page
rangeNA Man page
regroup Man page
reshapeLongToWide Man page
reshapeWideToLong Man page
restoreRealData Man page
restoreRealData,LongData Man page
restoreRealData,LongData3d Man page
restoreRealData,LongData3d-method Man page
restoreRealData,LongData-method Man page
saveTrianglesAsASY Man page
scale Man page
scale,LongData Man page
scale,LongData3d Man page
scale,LongData3d-method Man page
scale,LongData-method Man page
sdcNA Man page
sdNA Man page
showListPartition Man page
show,ListPartition-method Man page
showLongData Man page
showLongData3d Man page
show,LongData3d-method Man page
show,LongData-method Man page
show,Partition-method Man page
t2ve Man page
trajImput.copy.end Man page
trajImput.copyMean Man page
trajImput.copy.middle Man page
trajImput.globalSlope.begin Man page
trajImput.globalSlope.end Man page
trajImput.interpoLin Man page
trajImput.interpoLin2 Man page
trajImput.interpoLin3 Man page
trajImput.interpoLin.middle Man page
trajImput.localSlope.begin Man page
trajImput.localSlope.end Man page
trajImput.LOCB Man page
trajImput.LOCB.begin Man page
trajImput.LOCB.middle Man page
trajImput.LOCF Man page
trajImput.LOCF.end Man page
trajImput.LOCF.middle Man page
varNA Man page
which.minNA Man page
wideToLong Man page
windowsCut Man page

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