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longData: internal objects and methods


These are not to be called by the user.

  • medianNA : median with option na.rm=TRUE

  • meaanNA : mean with option na.rm=TRUE

  • sdNA : sandard deviation with option na.rm=TRUE

  • sdcNA : standard deviation corrected (n-1)/n with option na.rm=TRUE

  • varNA : var with option na.rm=TRUE

  • rangeNA : range with option na.rm=TRUE

  • which.minNA : which.min that return NA if it argument has only NA values.

  • NAtrunc : function that remove only the NA value in the tail of its argument.

  • showLongData : methods use to define the function 'show'

  • METHODS : constant=c("manhattan", "euclidean", "minkowski", "maximum", "canberra", "binary")


Christophe Genolini
1. UMR U1027, INSERM, Universit<e9> Paul Sabatier / Toulouse III / France
2. CeRSME, EA 2931, UFR STAPS, Universit<e9> de Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La D<e9>fense / Nanterre / France


[1] C. Genolini and B. Falissard
"KmL: k-means for longitudinal data"
Computational Statistics, vol 25(2), pp 317-328, 2010

[2] C. Genolini and B. Falissard
"KmL: A package to cluster longitudinal data"
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 104, pp e112-121, 2011

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