Man pages for loon.ggplot
A Grammar of Interactive Graphics

activeModify the 'active' component
Cartesianxy2PolarxyTransform the x, y positions from a Cartesian coordinate to a...
geom_imageGlyph-deprecatedgeom_imageGlyph (deprecated)
geom_pointrangeGlyph-deprecatedgeom_pointrangeGlyph (deprecated)
geom_serialAxesGlyph-deprecatedgeom_serialAxesGlyph (deprecated)
geom_textGlyph-deprecatedgeom_textGlyph (deprecated)
get_activeGeomLayersactive geom layers
get_scaledDatascale data
g_getLocationsget locations for 'ggmatrix'
g_getPlotsget 'ggplot's
gg_pipePipe ggplot object
ggplot2loon'ggplot' to 'loon'
ggSerialAxes-deprecatedggplot serialaxes (deprecated)
hoverModify the 'hover' component
interactivityModify the 'interactivity' component
is.CoordPolarIs polar coordinate system?
is.l_ggplotReports whether x is a 'l_ggplot' object
itemLabel-deprecateditemLabel (deprecated)
layout_coordslayout matrix
l_getSubtitlesReturn the subtitles
l_ggplotAutomatically create a loon widget
lggplot-deprecatedlggplot (deprecated)
linkingModify the 'linking' component
loon2ggplotTurn a 'loon' widget to a 'ggplot' object
loon.ggplot-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'loon.ggplot'.
loon.ggplot-packageloon.ggplot: A Grammar of Interactive Graphics
loonLayerTransform geom layers to loon layers
print.l_ggplotExplicitly draw plot
scaleBoxBox scaling in 3D rotation
scale_multiPosition scales for continuous data (x, y & z)
selecting-deprecatedselecting (deprecated)
selectionModify the 'selected' component
zoomZoom Plot Region
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