Defines functions l_toR

Documented in l_toR

#' @title Convert a Tcl Object to some other R object
#' @description Return values from \code{\link{.Tcl}} and \code{\link{tcl}} are 
#'   of class \code{tclObj} and often need to be mapped to a different data 
#'   structure in \R. This function is a helper class to do this mapping.
#' @param x a \code{tclObj} object
#' @param cast a function to conver the object to some other \R object
#' @return A object that is returned by the function specified with the
#'   \code{cast} argument.
#' @export
l_toR <- function(x, cast=as.character) {
        stop('cast is expected to be a function')
    if (!grepl(' ', x))
        cast(unlist(strsplit(x, " ", fixed=TRUE)))

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