Man pages for maditr
Fast Data Aggregation, Modification, and Filtering with Pipes and 'data.table'

coalesceReturn first non-missing element
columnsSelects columns or rows from the data set
copyCopy an entire object
dcastConvert data between wide and long forms.
dt_countAdditional useful functions
dt_left_joinJoin two data.frames by common columns.
dt_mutate'dplyr'-like interface for data.table.
let_ifModify, aggregate, select or filter data.frame/data.table
maditrmaditr: Pipe-Style Interface for 'data.table'
query_ifOne-to-one interface for data.table '[' method
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
text_expandEvaluate expressions in curly brackets inside strings
to_listApply an expression to each element of a list or vector
to_longConvert data to long or to wide form
vlookupLook up values in dictionary.
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