reexports: Objects exported from other packages

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Objects exported from other packages


These objects are imported from other packages. Follow the links below to see their documentation.


%between%, %chin%, %inrange%, %like%, .BY, .GRP, .I, .N, .SD, :=,, between, chmatch, cube, data.table, fcoalesce, fifelse, fintersect, first, foverlaps, frank, frankv, fread, frollapply, frollmean, frollsum, fsetdiff, fsetequal, fsort, funion, fwrite, getDTthreads, groupingsets, inrange,, last, nafill, rbindlist, rleid, rleidv, rollup, rowid, rowidv, set, setDF, setDT, setDTthreads, setcolorder, setindex, setindexv, setkey, setkeyv, setnafill, setnames, setorder, setorderv, shift, shouldPrint, transpose, tstrsplit, uniqueN


%$%, %<>%, %>%, %T>%

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