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Easy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains

absorbingStatesVarious function to perform structural analysis of DTMC
blandenMobility between income quartiles
committorABCalculates committor of a markovchain object with respect to...
conditionalDistribution'conditionalDistribution' of a Markov Chain
craigsendiCD4 cells counts on HIV Infects between zero and six month
ctmc-classClass '"ctmc"'
ctmcFitFunction to fit a CTMC
expectedRewardsExpected Rewards for a markovchain
expectedRewardsBeforeHittingAExpected first passage Rewards for a set of states in a...
ExpectedTimeReturns expected hitting time from state i to state j
firstPassageFirst passage across states
firstPassageMultiplefunction to calculate first passage probabilities
fitHigherOrderMarkovChainFunctions to fit a higher order Markov chain
fitHighOrderMultivarMCFunction to fit Higher Order Multivariate Markov chain
freq2GeneratorReturns a generator matrix corresponding to frequency matrix
generatorToTransitionMatrixFunction to obtain the transition matrix from the generator.
getNameMethod to retrieve name of markovchain object
HigherOrderMarkovChain-classClass '"HigherOrderMarkovChain"'
holsonHolson data set
hommc-classAn S4 class for representing High Order Multivariate...
hommc-showFunction to display the details of hommc object
ictmc-classAn S4 class for representing Imprecise Continuous Time...
impreciseProbabilityatTCalculating full conditional probability using lower rate...
inferHyperparamFunction to infer the hyperparameters for Bayesian inference...
is.accessibleVerify if a state j is reachable from state i.
is.CTMCirreducibleCheck if CTMC is irreducible
is.irreducibleFunction to check if a Markov chain is irreducible
is.TimeReversiblechecks if ctmc object is time reversible
kullbackExample from Kullback and Kupperman Tests for Contingency...
markovchain-classClass '"markovchain"'
markovchainFitFunction to fit a discrete Markov chain
markovchainList-classClass '"markovchainList"'
markovchain-packageEasy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
markovchainSequenceFunction to generate a sequence of states from homogeneous...
multinomialConfidenceIntervalsA function to compute multinomial confidence intervals of...
noofVisitsDistreturn a joint pdf of the number of visits to the various...
predictHommcSimulate a higher order multivariate markovchain
predictiveDistributionFunction to compute the probability of observing a new data...
preproglucaconPreprogluccacon DNA protein bases sequences
priorDistributionPrior Distribution
probabilityatTCalculating probability from a ctmc object
rainAlofi island daily rainfall
rctmcFunction to generate a sequence of random CTMC transitions.
rmarkovchainFunction to generate a sequence of states from homogeneous or...
salesSales Demand Sequences
setNameMethod to set name of markovchain object
statesDefined states of a transition matrix
statisticalTestsVarious functions to perform statistical inference of DTMC
steadyStatesStationary states of a 'markovchain' objeect
tm_absSingle Year Corporate Credit Rating Transititions
transition2GeneratorReturn the generator matrix for a corresponding transition...
transitionProbabilityFunction to get the transition probabilities from initial to...
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