marmap: Import, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data

Import xyz data from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, <>), GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans, <>) and other sources, plot xyz data to prepare publication-ready figures, analyze xyz data to extract transects, get depth / altitude based on geographical coordinates, or calculate z-constrained least-cost paths.

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AuthorEric Pante, Benoit Simon-Bouhet, and Jean-Olivier Irisson
Date of publication2017-01-10 15:32:25
MaintainerEric Pante <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

aleutians: Bathymetric data for the Aleutians (Alaska) Adds a box to maps including antimeridian

as.bathy: Convert to bathymetric data in an object of class bathy

as.raster: Convert bathymetric data to a raster layer

as.SpatialGridDataFrame: Convert bathymetric data to a spatial grid Convert to xyz format

autoplot.bathy: Ploting bathymetric data with ggplot

celt: Bathymetric data for the North Est Atlantic

check.bathy: Sort bathymetric data matrix by increasing latitude and...

col2alpha: Adds alpha transparency to a (vector of) color(s)

collate.bathy: Collates two bathy matrices with data from either sides of...

combine.buffers: Create a new, (non circular) composite buffer from a list of...

create.buffer: Create a buffer of specified radius around one or several...

diag.bathy: Finds matrix diagonal for non-square matrices

dist2isobath: Computes the shortest great circle distance between any point...

etopo: Etopo colours

florida: Bathymetric data around Florida, USA

fortify.bathy: Extract bathymetry data in a data.frame

get.area: Get projected surface area Get bathymetric information of a belt transect

get.depth: Get depth data by clicking on a map

getNOAA.bathy: Import bathymetric data from the NOAA server

get.sample: Get sample data by clicking on a map

get.transect: Compute approximate cross section along a depth transect

griddify: Fill a grid with irregularly spaced data

hawaii: Bathymetric data for Hawaii, USA

irregular: Irregularly spaced bathymetric data.

is.bathy: Test whether an object is of class bathy

lc.dist: Computes least cost distances between two or more locations

linesGC: Add Great Circle lines on a map

marmap: Import, plot and analyze bathymetric and topographic data

metallo: Coral sampling information from the North West Atlantic

nw.atlantic: Bathymetric data for the North West Atlantic

nw.atlantic.coast: Coastline data for the North West Atlantic

outline.buffer: Get a composite buffer in a format suitable for plotting its...

palette.bathy: Build a bathymetry- and/or topography-constrained color...

path.profile: Geographic coordinates, kilometric distance and depth along a...

plotArea: Plotting projected surface areas

plot.bathy: Ploting bathymetric data

plot.buffer: Plots a circular buffer and or its outline

plotProfile: Ploting bathymetric data along a transect or path

read.bathy: Read bathymetric data in XYZ format

readGEBCO.bathy: Read bathymetric data from a GEBCO file

scaleBathy: Adds a scale to a map

space.pies: Automatic placement of piecharts on maps

subsetBathy: Creates bathy objects from larger bathy objects

subsetSQL: Creating and querying local SQL database for bathymetric data

summary.bathy: Summary of bathymetric data of class 'bathy'

trans.mat: Transition matrix


aleutians Man page Man page
as.bathy Man page
as.raster Man page
as.SpatialGridDataFrame Man page Man page
autoplot.bathy Man page
celt Man page
check.bathy Man page
col2alpha Man page
collate.bathy Man page
combine.buffers Man page
create.buffer Man page
diag.bathy Man page
dist2isobath Man page
etopo Man page
etopo.colors Man page
etopo.colours Man page
florida Man page
fortify.bathy Man page
get.area Man page Man page
get.depth Man page
getNOAA.bathy Man page
get.sample Man page
get.transect Man page
griddify Man page
hawaii Man page
hawaii.sites Man page
irregular Man page
is.bathy Man page
lc.dist Man page
linesGC Man page
marmap Man page
metallo Man page
nw.atlantic Man page
nw.atlantic.coast Man page
outline.buffer Man page
palette.bathy Man page
path.profile Man page
plotArea Man page
plot.bathy Man page
plot.buffer Man page
plotProfile Man page
print.buffer Man page
read.bathy Man page
readGEBCO.bathy Man page
scaleBathy Man page
scale_color_etopo Man page
scale_colour_etopo Man page
scale_fill_etopo Man page
setSQL Man page
space.pies Man page
subsetBathy Man page
subsetSQL Man page
summary.bathy Man page
trans.mat Man page


R/readGEBCO.bathy.R R/read.bathy.R R/plotArea.R R/ R/ R/plot.buffer.R R/dist2isobath.R R/palette.etopo.R R/autoplot.bathy.R R/check.bathy.R R/scaleBathy.R R/get.area.R R/combine.buffers.R R/outline.buffer.R R/trans.mat.R R/lc.dist.R R/ R/collate.bathy.R R/get.transect.R R/subsetSQL.R R/as.SpatialGridDataFrame.R R/linesGC.R R/plot.bathy.R R/fortify.bathy.R R/palette.bathy.R R/create.buffer.R R/print.buffer.R R/summary.bathy.R R/diag.bathy.R R/space.pies.R R/col2alpha.R R/griddify.R R/is.bathy.R R/get.sample.R R/path.profile.R R/setSQL.R R/get.depth.R R/subsetBathy.R R/getNOAA.bathy.R R/as.bathy.R R/as.raster.R R/plotProfile.R
man/collate.bathy.Rd man/griddify.Rd man/col2alpha.Rd man/read.bathy.Rd man/as.SpatialGridDataFrame.Rd man/plot.bathy.Rd man/dist2isobath.Rd man/plotProfile.Rd man/plotArea.Rd man/irregular.Rd man/fortify.bathy.Rd man/subsetSQL.Rd man/ man/space.pies.Rd man/as.raster.Rd man/get.area.Rd man/as.bathy.Rd man/plot.buffer.Rd man/get.depth.Rd man/trans.mat.Rd man/etopo.Rd man/celt.Rd man/linesGC.Rd man/lc.dist.Rd man/autoplot.bathy.Rd man/create.buffer.Rd man/florida.Rd man/get.sample.Rd man/combine.buffers.Rd man/subsetBathy.Rd man/readGEBCO.bathy.Rd man/scaleBathy.Rd man/nw.atlantic.Rd man/marmap.Rd man/metallo.Rd man/ man/ man/diag.bathy.Rd man/summary.bathy.Rd man/is.bathy.Rd man/palette.bathy.Rd man/nw.atlantic.coast.Rd man/check.bathy.Rd man/getNOAA.bathy.Rd man/get.transect.Rd man/aleutians.Rd man/hawaii.Rd man/path.profile.Rd man/outline.buffer.Rd

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