Man pages for marmap
Import, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data

aleutiansBathymetric data for the Aleutians (Alaska)
antimeridian.boxAdds a box to maps including antimeridian
as.bathyConvert to bathymetric data in an object of class bathy
as.rasterConvert bathymetric data to a raster layer
as.SpatialGridDataFrameConvert bathymetric data to a spatial grid
as.xyzConvert to xyz format
autoplot.bathyPloting bathymetric data with ggplot
celtBathymetric data for the North Est Atlantic
check.bathySort bathymetric data matrix by increasing latitude and...
col2alphaAdds alpha transparency to a (vector of) color(s)
collate.bathyCollates two bathy matrices with data from either sides of...
combine.buffersCreate a new, (non circular) composite buffer from a list of...
create.bufferCreate a buffer of specified radius around one or several...
diag.bathyFinds matrix diagonal for non-square matrices
dist2isobathComputes the shortest great circle distance between any point...
etopoEtopo colours
floridaBathymetric data around Florida, USA
fortify.bathyExtract bathymetry data in a data.frame
get.areaGet projected surface area
get.boxGet bathymetric information of a belt transect
get.depthGet depth data by clicking on a map
getNOAA.bathyImport bathymetric data from the NOAA server
get.sampleGet sample data by clicking on a map
get.transectCompute approximate cross section along a depth transect
griddifyFill a grid with irregularly spaced data
hawaiiBathymetric data for Hawaii, USA
irregularIrregularly spaced bathymetric data.
is.bathyTest whether an object is of class bathy
lc.distComputes least cost distances between two or more locations
linesGCAdd Great Circle lines on a map
marmapImport, plot and analyze bathymetric and topographic data
metalloCoral sampling information from the North West Atlantic
nw.atlanticBathymetric data for the North West Atlantic
nw.atlantic.coastCoastline data for the North West Atlantic
outline.bufferGet a composite buffer in a format suitable for plotting its...
palette.bathyBuilds a bathymetry- and/or topography-constrained color...
path.profileGeographic coordinates, kilometric distance and depth along a...
plotAreaPlotting projected surface areas
plot.bathyPloting bathymetric data
plot.bufferPlots a circular buffer and or its outline
plotProfilePloting bathymetric data along a transect or path
read.bathyRead bathymetric data in XYZ format
readGEBCO.bathyRead bathymetric data from a GEBCO file
scaleBathyAdds a scale to a map
space.piesAutomatic placement of piecharts on maps
subsetBathyCreates bathy objects from larger bathy objects
subsetSQLCreating and querying local SQL database for bathymetric data
summary.bathySummary of bathymetric data of class 'bathy'
trans.matTransition matrix
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