Man pages for matR
Metagenomics Analysis Tools

BIOMannotationsSearch and change row or column annotations of BIOM data
BIOMmergeMerge BIOM data
BIOMrenameChange row and column identifiers of BIOM data
BIOMretrievalGet annotation information of samples as BIOM data
BIOMsubsetTake part of (subset) BIOM data
boxplot.biomSummarize BIOM data in boxplots
buildDemoSetsBuild objects containing metagenome annotations as BIOM data
collapseCollapse character vectors to a single string
demoObjectsBIOM annotation data for certain metagenomes and projects
demoSetsGet paths to files of metagenome and project IDs
dependenciesInstall recommended packages
dir.MGRASTList directory of projects
distxCalculate distances with optional grouping and other features
getMetColumnsGet single field from column metadata
getMetRowsGet single field from row metadata
hazPackagesCheck for presence of recommended packages
IDsetsHandle sets of metagenome and project IDs
image.biomDisplay heatmap of BIOM data with optional dendrograms
metadata.characterGet metadata of projects and metagenomes
parAutoProvide automatic par values
parMapDetermine par values according to a provided metadata mapping
princomp.biomCompute and plot principal coordinates of BIOM data
rowstatsApply selected significance test across rows
search.MGRASTFind metagenomes matching specified criteria
stepperStep through a demo line-by-line
step.throughStep through a demo line-by-line
subMetadataSubstitute for reference to row or column metadata
transform.biomApply mathematical transformations to BIOM data
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