Man pages for matchingR
Matching Algorithms in R and C++

cpp_wrapper_galeshapleyC++ wrapper for Gale-Shapley Algorithm
cpp_wrapper_galeshapley_check_stabilityC++ Wrapper to Check Stability of Two-sided Matching
cpp_wrapper_irvingComputes a stable roommate matching
cpp_wrapper_irving_check_stabilityCheck if a matching solves the stable roommate problem
cpp_wrapper_ttcComputes the top trading cycle algorithm
cpp_wrapper_ttc_check_stabilityCheck if a one-sided matching for the top trading cycle...
galeShapley.checkPreferencesCheck if preference order is complete
galeShapley.checkStabilityCheck if a two-sided matching is stable
galeShapley.collegeAdmissionsGale-Shapley Algorithm: College Admissions Problem
galeShapley.marriageMarketGale-Shapley Algorithm: Stable Marriage Problem
galeShapley.validateInput validation of preferences
matchingR-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in matchingR
matchingR-packagematchingR: Matching Algorithms in R and C++
rankIndexRank elements within column of a matrix
repcolRepeat each column of a matrix n times
reprowRepeat each row of a matrix n times
roommateCompute matching for one-sided markets
roommate.checkPreferencesCheck if preference order for a one-sided market is complete
roommate.checkStabilityCheck if a roommate matching is stable
roommate.validateInput validation for one-sided markets
sortIndexSort indices of a matrix within a column
sortIndexOneSidedRanks elements with column of a matrix, assuming a one-sided...
toptradingCompute the top trading cycle algorithm
toptrading.checkStabilityCheck if there are any pairs of agents who would rather swap...
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