cpp_wrapper_irving_check_stability: Check if a matching solves the stable roommate problem

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This function checks if a given matching is stable for a particular set of preferences. This function checks if there's an unmatched pair that would rather be matched with each other than with their assigned partners.





is a matrix with the preference order of each individual in the market. If there are n individuals, then this matrix will be of dimension n-1 by n. The i,jth element refers to j's ith most favorite partner. Preference orders must be specified using C++ indexing (starting at 0). The matrix pref must be of dimension n-1 by n.


is a vector of length n corresponding to the matchings that were formed (using C++ indexing). E.g. if the 4th element of this vector is 0 then individual 4 was matched with individual 1. If no stable matching exists, then this function returns a vector of zeros.


true if the matching is stable, false otherwise @export

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