matchingR-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in matchingR

Description Usage Arguments Details


These functions are provided for compatibility with older version of the matchingR package. Eventually, these functions will be removed.





generic set of parameters — see documentation of new functions


validateInputs was replaced by galeShapley.validate
checkStability was replaced by galeShapley.checkStability
checkPreferenceOrder was replaced by galeShapley.checkPreferences
one2many now mapped into galeShapley.collegeAdmissions
many2one now mapped into galeShapley.collegeAdmissions
one2one was replaced by galeShapley.marriageMarket
galeShapleyMatching was replaced by cpp_wrapper_galeshapley
stableRoommateMatching was replaced by cpp_wrapper_irving
onesided was replaced by roommate
checkStabilityRoommate was replaced by cpp_wrapper_irving_check_stability
validateInputsOneSided was replaced by roommate.validate
checkPreferenceOrderOnesided was replaced by roommate.checkPreferences
topTradingCycle was replaced by cpp_wrapper_ttc
checkStabilityTopTradingCycle was replaced by cpp_wrapper_ttc_check_stability

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