Man pages for matrixsampling
Simulations of Matrix Variate Distributions

rinvwishartInverse-Wishart sampler
rmatrixbetaMatrix Beta sampler
rmatrixbetaIIMatrix Beta II sampler
rmatrixCHIIkind2Sampler of the matrix variate type II confluent...
rmatrixCHIkind2Sampler of the matrix variate type I confluent hypergeometric...
rmatrixCHkind1Sampler of the matrix variate confluent hypergometric kind...
rmatrixgammaMatrix Gamma sampler
rmatrixitMatrix inverted-t sampler
rmatrixnormalMatrix normal sampler
rmatrixtMatrix t sampler
rwishartWishart sampler
rwishart_cholSampling Cholesky factor of a Wishart matrix
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