Defines functions plot.maxnet

Documented in plot.maxnet

#' @export
plot.maxnet <-
function(x, vars=names(x$samplemeans), common.scale=T, type=c("link","exponential","cloglog","logistic"), ylab=NULL, ...)
   type <- match.arg(type)
   nc <- ceiling(sqrt(length(vars)))
   nr <- ceiling(length(vars)/nc)
   graphics::par(mfrow=c(nr,nc), mar=c(5,5,4,2)+.1)
   if (common.scale && (type=="link" || type=="exponential")) {
vals <- do.call(c, lapply(vars, function(v) 
          response.plot(x, v, type, plot=F)$pred))
        ylim=c(min(vals), max(vals))
   if (type=="cloglog" || type=="logistic") ylim=c(0,1)
   for (v in vars) response.plot(x, v, type, ylim=ylim, ylab=ylab)

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