Man pages for mc2d
Tools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations

bernoulliThe Bernoulli Distribution
betagenThe Generalised Beta Distribution
convergGraph of Running Statistics in the Variability or in the...
cornodeBuilds a Rank Correlation using the Iman and Conover Method.
dimmcnodeDimension of mcnode and mc Objects
dirichletThe Dirichlet Distribution
dmultinomialThe Vectorized Multinomial Distribution
ecAn exemple on Escherichia coli in ground beef
empiricalCThe Continuous Empirical Distribution
empiricalDThe Discrete Empirical Distribution
evalmcmodEvaluates a Monte-Carlo model
extractvarUtilities for multivariate nodes
hist.mcHistogram of a Monte Carlo Simulation
is.mcTests mc and mcnode Objects
lhsRandom Latin Hypercube Sampling
LognormalbThe Log Normal Distribution parameterized through its mean...
mcMonte Carlo Object
mcapplyApply Functions Over mc or mcnode Objects
mc.controlSets or Gets the Default Number of Simulations.
mccutEvaluates a Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Model in a Loop.
mcmodelMonte Carlo model
mcnodeBuild mcnode Objects from Data or other mcnode Objects
mcprobtreeCreates a Stochastic mcnode Object using a Probability Tree
mcratioRatio of uncertainty and the variability
mcstocCreates Stochastic mcnode Objects
multinormalThe Vectorized Multivariate Random Deviates
NA.mcnodeFinite, Infinite, NA and NaN Numbers in mcnode.
Ops.mcnodeOperations on mcnode Objects
outmOutput of Nodes
pertThe (Modified) PERT Distribution
plot.mcPlots Results of a Monte Carlo Simulation
plot.tornadoDraws a Tornado chart.
pminMaxima and Minima for mcnodes
print.mcPrints a mcnode or a mc Object
quantile.mcQuantiles of a mc Object
rtruncRandom Truncated Distributions
summary.mcSummary of mcnode and mc Object
tornadoComputes Correlation between Inputs and Output in a mc Object...
tornadouncComputes Correlation between Inputs and Output in a mc Object...
totalAn Exemple of all Kind of mcnode
triangularThe Triangular Distribution
typemcnodeProvides the Type of a mcnode Object
unmcUnclasses the mc or the mcnode Object
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