regcoeffs: Regression coefficients

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class for storing and visualisation of regression coefficients for regression models


regcoeffs(coeffs, ci.coeffs = NULL, use.mean = TRUE)



array (npred x ncomp x nresp) with regression coefficients


array (npred x ncomp x nresp x cv) with regression coefficients for computing confidence intervals (e.g. from cross-validation) using Jack-Knifing method


logical, tells how to compute standard error for regression coefficients. If TRUE mean values for ci.coeffs is computed first. If FALSE, values (coefficients computed for global model) are used as mean.


a list (object of regcoeffs class) with fields, including:

values an array (nvar x ncomp x ny) with regression coefficients
se an array (nvar x ncomp x ny) with standard errors for the coefficients
t.values an array (nvar x ncomp x ny) with t-values for the coefficients
p.values an array (nvar x ncomp x ny) with p-values for coefficients

last three fields are available if parameter ci.coeffs was provided.

Check also confint.regcoeffs, summary.regcoeffs and plot.regcoeffs.

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