memisc: Tools for Management of Survey Data and the Presentation of Analysis Results

One of the aims of this package is to make life easier for R users who deal with survey data sets. It provides an infrastructure for the management of survey data including value labels, definable missing values, recoding of variables, production of code books, and import of (subsets of) 'SPSS' and 'Stata' files. Further, it provides functionality to produce tables and data frames of arbitrary descriptive statistics and (almost) publication-ready tables of regression model estimates, which can be exported to 'LaTeX' and HTML.

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AuthorMartin Elff (with contributions from Christopher N. Lawrence, Dave Atkins, Jason W. Morgan, Achim Zeileis)
Date of publication2016-12-19 16:13:05
MaintainerMartin Elff <>

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Man pages

00memisc: Introduction to the 'memisc' Package

annotations: Adding Annotations to Objects

applyTemplate: Apply a Formatting Template to a Numeric or Character Vector

as-array: Converting Data Frames into Arrays

as.symbols: Construction of Lists of Symbols

By: Conditional Evaluation of an Expression

cases: Distinguish between Cases Specified by Logical Conditions

codebook: Generate a Codebook of a Data Set

collect: Collect Objects

contrasts: Convenience Methods for Setting Contrasts

dataset-manip: Manipulation of Data Sets

dataSets: Data Set Objects

Descriptives: Vectors of Univariate Sample Statistics

dimrename: Change dimnames, rownames, or colnames

Foreach: Loop over Variables in a Data Frame or Environment

format_html: Format Objects in HTML, show the HTML Format or Write it to a...

format_html.codebook: Format Codebooks as HTML

format_html.ftable: Format "Flattened Tables" as HTML

ftable-matrices: Combining flattened tables.

genTable: Generic Tables and Data Frames of Descriptive Statistics

getSummary: Get Model Summaries for Use with "mtable"

html: Building Blocks for HTML Code

Iconv: Convert Annotations, and Value Labels between Encodings

importers: Object Oriented Interface to Foreign Files

items: Survey Items

labels: Value Labels

measurement: Levels of Measurement of Survey Items

mtable: Comparative Table of Model Estimates

mtable-format-delim: Format for 'mtable' Objects for Writing into File

mtable-format-html: HTML Formatting for 'mtable' Results

mtable-format-latex: Format 'mtable' Results for LaTeX

mtable-format-print: Print Format for 'mtable' Objects

nin: Negative Match

percent: Table of Percentages with Percentage Base

percentages: Easy Creation of Tables of Percentages

query: Query an Object for Information

recode: Recode Items, Factors and Numeric Vectors

relabel: Change labels of factors or labelled objects

rename: Change Names of a Named Object

reorder.array: Reorder an Array or Matrix

retain: Retain Objects in an Environment

sample-methods: Take a Sample from a Data Frame-like Object

Sapply: A Dimension Preserving Variant of "sapply" and "lapply"

sort-methods: Convenience Methods to Sort Data Frames and Data Sets

styles: Formatting Styles for Coefficients, Factor Contrasts, and...

Substitute: Substitutions in Language Objects

Table: One-Dimensional Table of Frequences and/or Percentages

toDataFrame: Convert an Array into a Data Frame

toLatexExtra: Additional Methods for LaTeX Representations for R objects

utility-classes: Named Lists, Lists of Items, and Atomic Vectors

value-filters: Value Filters Table of frequencies for unlabelled codes

Write: Write Codebooks and Variable Descriptions into a Text File


Aggregate Man page
annotation Man page
annotation<- Man page
annotation<-,ANY,character-method Man page
annotation,ANY-method Man page
annotation-class Man page
annotation,data.set-method Man page
annotation<-,item,annotation-method Man page
annotation,item-method Man page
annotation<-,vector,annotation-method Man page
applyTemplate Man page
Arith,missing.values,missing.values-method Man page
Arith,numeric.item,numeric.item-method Man page
Arith,numeric.item,numeric-method Man page
Arith,numeric,numeric.item-method Man page
Arith,valid.range,valid.range-method Man page
Arith,valid.values,valid.values-method Man page
Arith,value.filter,vector-method Man page
Arith,value.labels,ANY-method Man page
as.array Man page
as.array,data.frame-method Man page
as.character,codebook-method Man page
as.character.css Man page
as.character,Date.item-method Man page
as.character,datetime.item-method Man page
as.character.html_elem Man page
as.character.html_group Man page
as.character,item.vector-method Man page
as.css Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page,importer-method Man page,list-method Man page
as.factor,item.vector-method Man page
as.html_group Man page
as.integer,item-method Man page
as.item Man page
as.item,character.item-method Man page
as.item,character-method Man page
as.item,Date.item-method Man page
as.item,Date-method Man page
as.item,datetime.item-method Man page
as.item,double.item-method Man page
as.item,factor-method Man page
as.item,integer.item-method Man page
as.item,logical-method Man page
as.item,numeric-method Man page
as.item,ordered-method Man page
as.item,POSIXct-method Man page
as.numeric,item-method Man page
as.ordered,item.vector-method Man page
as.symbols Man page
as.vector,item-method Man page
as.vector,value.labels-method Man page
atomic-class Man page
attribs Man page
attribs<- Man page
By Man page
cases Man page Man page
cbind.ftable Man page
cbind.ftable_matrix Man page
character.item-class Man page
c.html_elem Man page
c.html_group Man page
c.mtable Man page
codebook Man page
codebook,atomic-method Man page
codebook-class Man page
codebook,data.frame-method Man page
codebook,data.set-method Man page
codebook,factor-method Man page
codebook,importer-method Man page
codebook,item-method Man page Man page
coerce,atomic,missing.values-method Man page
coerce,atomic,valid.range-method Man page
coerce,atomic,valid.values-method Man page
coerce,character,value.labels-method Man page
coerce,data.set,named.list-method Man page
coerce,list,missing.values-method Man page
coerce,numeric,value.labels-method Man page
coerce,value.labels,character-method Man page
coerce,value.labels,numeric-method Man page
collect Man page
collect.array Man page Man page Man page
collect.default Man page
collect.matrix Man page
collect.table Man page
colrename Man page
Compare,character,numeric.item-method Man page
Compare,numeric.item,character-method Man page
content Man page
content<- Man page
contr Man page
contrasts Man page
contrasts<- Man page
contrasts<-,ANY-method Man page
contrasts,ANY-method Man page
contrasts<-,item-method Man page
contrasts,item-method Man page
contr.sum Man page
contr.treatment Man page
css Man page
[<-.css Man page
data.set Man page
[,data.set,atomic,atomic,ANY-method Man page
[,data.set,atomic,missing,ANY-method Man page
data.set-class Man page
[<-,data.set-method Man page
[,data.set,missing,atomic,ANY-method Man page
[,data.set,missing,missing,ANY-method Man page
Date.item-class Man page
datetime.item-class Man page
description Man page
description<- Man page
description,data.set-method Man page
description,importer-method Man page
Descriptives Man page
Descriptives,atomic-method Man page
Descriptives,item.vector-method Man page
df_format_stdstyle Man page
dim,data.set-method Man page
dim,importer-method Man page
dim.mtable Man page
dimnames<-,data.set-method Man page
dimnames,data.set-method Man page
dimnames.mtable Man page
dimrename Man page
double-class Man page
double.item-class Man page
dsView Man page Man page
fapply Man page
fapply.default Man page
foreach Man page
format,codebookEntry-method Man page
format,Date.item-method Man page
format,datetime.item-method Man page
format.ftable_matrix Man page
format_html Man page
format_html.codebook Man page Man page
format_html.ftable Man page
format_html.ftable_matrix Man page
format_html.matrix Man page
format_html.mtable Man page
format,item.vector-method Man page
format,missing.values-method Man page
format.mtable Man page
format,valid.range-method Man page
format,valid.values-method Man page
ftable_format_stdstyle Man page
ftable_matrix Man page
genTable Man page
getCoefTemplate Man page
getSummary Man page
getSummary.aftreg Man page
getSummary.betareg Man page
getSummary.clm Man page
getSummary.coxph Man page
getSummary_expcoef Man page
getSummary_expcoef.glm Man page
getSummary.glm Man page
getSummary.hurdle Man page
getSummary.ivreg Man page
getSummary.lm Man page
getSummary.mer Man page
getSummary.merMod Man page
getSummary.multinom Man page
getSummary.phreg Man page
getSummary.polr Man page
getSummary.simex Man page
getSummary.survreg Man page
getSummaryTemplate Man page
getSummary.tobit Man page
getSummary.weibreg Man page
getSummary.zeroinfl Man page
html Man page
[<-.html_attributes Man page
[<-.html_group Man page
[.html_group Man page
html_group Man page
Iconv Man page
Iconv.annotation Man page Man page
Iconv.importer Man page
Iconv.item Man page
Iconv.value.labels Man page
importer Man page
[,importer,atomic,atomic,ANY-method Man page
[,importer,atomic,missing,ANY-method Man page
importer-class Man page
[,importer,missing,atomic,ANY-method Man page
[,importer,missing,missing,ANY-method Man page
include.missings Man page
include.missings,item-method Man page
initialize,data.set-method Man page
initialize,item.list-method Man page
initialize,named.list-method Man page
initialize,spss.fixed.importer-method Man page
initialize,spss.portable.importer-method Man page
initialize,spss.system.importer-method Man page
initialize,Stata.importer-method Man page
initialize,value.labels-method Man page
\%in\%,numeric.item,character-method Man page
integer.item-class Man page Man page
is.interval Man page
is.missing Man page
is.missing,atomic-method Man page
is.missing,factor-method Man page
is.missing,item.vector-method Man page
is.nominal Man page
is.ordinal Man page
is.ratio Man page
is.valid Man page
item Man page
item-class Man page
item.list Man page
item.list-class Man page
items Man page
item.vector-class Man page
[,item.vector,logical,missing,missing-method Man page
[,item.vector,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
labels Man page
labels<- Man page
labels<-,item,ANY-method Man page
labels,item-method Man page
labels<-,item,NULL-method Man page
labels<-,vector,ANY-method Man page
Lapply Man page
mat_format_stdstyle Man page
Math2,numeric.item-method Man page
Math,numeric.item-method Man page
measurement Man page
measurement<- Man page
measurement,ANY-method Man page
measurement<-,item-method Man page
measurement,item-method Man page
memisc Man page
memisc-package Man page
merge,data.frame,data.set-method Man page
merge,data.set,data.frame-method Man page
merge,data.set,data.set-method Man page
missing.values Man page
missing.values<- Man page
missing.values<-,ANY,atomic-method Man page
missing.values<-,ANY,list-method Man page
missing.values<-,atomic,missing.values-method Man page
missing.values-class Man page
missing.values<-,item,ANY-method Man page
missing.values<-,item,missing.values-method Man page
missing.values<-,item,NULL-method Man page
missing.values,item.vector-method Man page
mtable Man page
[.mtable Man page
mtable_format_delim Man page
mtable_format_html Man page
mtable_format_latex Man page
mtable_format_print Man page
mtable_format_stdstyle Man page
named.list Man page
named.list-class Man page
names,importer-method Man page
\%nin\% Man page
numeric.item-class Man page
nvalid Man page
percent Man page
percentages Man page
percentages.formula Man page
percentages.table Man page
percent.default Man page
percent.logical Man page
print.css Man page
print,data.set-method Man page
print,Date.item-method Man page
print,datetime.item-method Man page
print.ftable_matrix Man page
print.html_elem Man page
print.html_group Man page
print,item.vector-method Man page
print.mtable Man page
query Man page
query,data.set-method Man page
query,importer-method Man page
query,item-method Man page Man page
rbind.ftable Man page
rbind.ftable_matrix Man page
recode Man page
recode,factor-method Man page
recode,item-method Man page
recode,vector-method Man page
relabel Man page
relabel4 Man page
relabel4,item-method Man page
relabel.default Man page
relabel.factor Man page
relabel.mtable Man page
rename Man page
reorder Man page
reorder.array Man page
reorder.matrix Man page
rep,item.vector-method Man page
retain Man page
row.names,data.set-method Man page
rowrename Man page
sample,data.frame-method Man page
sample,data.set-method Man page
sample,importer-method Man page
Sapply Man page
setAttribs Man page
setAttribs.character Man page
setAttribs.html_elem Man page
setAttribs.html_group Man page
setCoefTemplate Man page
setContent Man page
setStyle Man page
setStyle.character Man page
setStyle.html_elem Man page
setStyle.html_group Man page
setSummaryTemplate Man page
show,annotation-method Man page
show,codebook-method Man page
show,data.set-method Man page
show,Date.item-method Man page
show,datetime.item-method Man page
show_html Man page
show,item.vector-method Man page
show,named.list-method Man page
show,spss.fixed.importer-method Man page
show,spss.portable.importer-method Man page
show,spss.system.importer-method Man page
show,Stata.importer-method Man page
show,value.filter-method Man page
show,value.labels-method Man page Man page Man page
spss.fixed.file Man page
spss.fixed.importer-class Man page
spss.portable.file Man page
spss.portable.importer-class Man page
spss.system.file Man page
spss.system.importer-class Man page
Stata.file Man page
Stata.importer-class Man page
str.character.item Man page Man page
str.datetime.item Man page
str.double.item Man page
str.integer.item Man page
style Man page
style<- Man page
subset,data.set-method Man page
subset,importer-method Man page
Substitute Man page
summary,data.set-method Man page
summary,Date.item-method Man page
summary,datetime.item-method Man page
summary,item.vector-method Man page
Summary,numeric.item-method Man page
summaryTemplate Man page
syms Man page
Table Man page
Table,atomic-method Man page
Table,factor-method Man page
Table,item.vector-method Man page
template Man page Man page
toLatex.default Man page
toLatex.ftable Man page
toLatex.ftable_matrix Man page
toLatex.matrix Man page
toLatex.mtable Man page
unique,data.set-method Man page
unique,item.vector-method Man page
valid.range Man page
valid.range<- Man page
valid.range<-,ANY,atomic-method Man page
valid.range<-,atomic,valid.range-method Man page
valid.range-class Man page
valid.range<-,item,valid.range-method Man page
valid.range,item.vector-method Man page
valid.values Man page
valid.values<- Man page
valid.values<-,ANY,atomic-method Man page
valid.values<-,atomic,valid.values-method Man page
valid.values-class Man page
valid.values<-,item,valid.values-method Man page
valid.values,item.vector-method Man page
value.filter Man page
value.filter-class Man page
value.filter,item-method Man page
value.labels-class Man page
[,value.labels,logical,missing,missing-method Man page
[,value.labels,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
weighted.mean,item.vector-method Man page Man page,item-method Man page
within,data.set-method Man page
wording Man page
wording<- Man page
Write Man page
Write.codebook Man page
Write.descriptions Man page
Write.ftable_matrix Man page
write_html Man page
write.mtable Man page


inst/doc/anes48.R inst/doc/mtable-html.R
R/AllClasses.R R/Sapply.R R/import-internal-spss-syntax.R R/AllGenerics.R R/item-methods.R R/mtable.R R/annotation.R R/collect.R R/mtable-format-latex.R R/yz-getSummary-merMod.R R/AllInternalGenerics.R R/mtable-format-html.R R/aaa.R R/fapply.R R/tolatex-matrix.R R/numeric-if-possible.R R/mtable-format-delim.R R/wild-codes.R R/codebook-methods.R R/contrasts.R R/toLatex-ftable-matrix.R R/importer-methods.R R/retain.R R/relabel.R R/format-html-ftable.R R/cases.R R/format-html-other.R R/yy-mtable-ext-AchimZeileis.R R/quote.R R/simplifyTypes.R R/value-filters.R R/format-html-matrix.R R/toLatex-dataframe.R R/dataset-methods.R R/compress-storage-modes.R R/import-internal-common.R R/Foreach.R R/percentages.R R/sort.R R/recode.R R/html-tools.R R/query.R R/stata-methods.R R/By.R R/mcf.R R/yy-mtable-ext-DaveAtkins.R R/import-internal-spss-portable.R R/HTML.R R/percent.R R/spss-portable-methods.R R/Table.R R/format-html-dataframe.R R/yz-getSummary-mer.R R/Substitute.R R/yy-mtable-ext-ChristopherNLawrence.R R/yy-mtable-ext-JasonWMorgan.R R/format-html-ftable-matrix.R R/trimws.R R/mtable-manip.R R/codebook-format-html.R R/value-labels.R R/sample_methods.R R/rename.R R/tolatex-ftable.R R/expand.R R/import-internal-stata.R R/Iconv.R R/to-things.R R/groupwise.R R/spss-syntax-methods.R R/genTable.R R/import-internal-spss-sysfile.R R/item-more-methods-datetime.R R/item-more-methods-Date.R R/zzz.R R/measurement.R R/mtable-format-print.R R/mtable-tools-format.R R/ftable-matrix.R R/applyTemplate.R R/spss-sysfile-methods.R
man/as-array.Rd man/percent.Rd man/utility-classes.Rd man/reorder.array.Rd man/items.Rd man/sample-methods.Rd man/Foreach.Rd man/ man/codebook.Rd man/getSummary.Rd man/ftable-matrices.Rd man/nin.Rd man/mtable-format-html.Rd man/percentages.Rd man/annotations.Rd man/Sapply.Rd man/toDataFrame.Rd man/sort-methods.Rd man/format_html.Rd man/00memisc.Rd man/cases.Rd man/applyTemplate.Rd man/Table.Rd man/retain.Rd man/contrasts.Rd man/labels.Rd man/mtable-format-latex.Rd man/format_html.codebook.Rd man/styles.Rd man/value-filters.Rd man/mtable-format-delim.Rd man/dimrename.Rd man/mtable-format-print.Rd man/measurement.Rd man/rename.Rd man/Write.Rd man/dataset-manip.Rd man/collect.Rd man/importers.Rd man/genTable.Rd man/query.Rd man/as.symbols.Rd man/By.Rd man/Substitute.Rd man/Iconv.Rd man/Descriptives.Rd man/relabel.Rd man/html.Rd man/dataSets.Rd man/recode.Rd man/format_html.ftable.Rd man/mtable.Rd man/toLatexExtra.Rd

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