Man pages for memisc
Management of Survey Data and Presentation of Analysis Results

00memiscIntroduction to the 'memisc' Package
annotationsAdding Annotations to Objects
applyTemplateApply a Formatting Template to a Numeric or Character Vector
as-arrayConverting Data Frames into Arrays
assign-ifAssign a values to a variable for instances where a condition...
as.symbolsConstruction of Lists of Symbols
attr-operatorsOperators for Setting Annotations and Attributes
ByConditional Evaluation of an Expression
casesDistinguish between Cases Specified by Logical Conditions
coarsenCoarsen a vector into a factor with a lower number of levels
codebookGenerate a Codebook of a Data Set
codeplanDescribe structure of Data Sets and Importers
collectCollect Objects
contractContract data into pattern-frequency format
contrastsConvenience Methods for Setting Contrasts
dataset-manipManipulation of Data Sets
dataSetsData Set Objects
dedup-labelsHandle duplicated labels
DescriptivesVectors of Univariate Sample Statistics
dimrenameChange dimnames, rownames, or colnames
duplicated-labelsCheck for and report duplicated labels
ForeachLoop over Variables in a Data Frame or Environment
format_htmlFormat Objects in HTML, show the HTML Format or Write it to a...
format_html.codebookFormat Codebooks as HTML
format_html.ftableFormat "Flattened Tables" as HTML
format_mdFormat Codebooks as Markdown
ftable-matricesCombining flattened tables.
genTableGeneric Tables and Data Frames of Descriptive Statistics
getSummaryGet Model Summaries for Use with "mtable"
GroupsOperate on grouped data in data frames and data sets
htmlBuilding Blocks for HTML Code
IconvConvert Annotations, and Value Labels between Encodings
importersObject Oriented Interface to Foreign Files
itemsSurvey Items
items-to-vectorsHow Survey Items Are Converted into "Ordinary" Data Vectors
labelsValue Labels
ListCreate a list and conveniently supply names to its elements
MeansMeans for groups of observations
measurementLevels of Measurement of Survey Items
measurement-autolevelAutomatically Adapt Measurement Levels
memisc-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package 'memisc'
mtableComparative Table of Model Estimates
mtable-format-delimFormat for 'mtable' Objects for Writing into File
mtable-format-htmlHTML Formatting for 'mtable' Results
mtable-format-latexFormat 'mtable' Results for LaTeX
mtable-format-printPrint Format for 'mtable' Objects
ninNegative Match
percentTable of Percentages with Percentage Base
percentagesEasy Creation of Tables of Percentages
queryQuery an Object for Information
recodeRecode Items, Factors and Numeric Vectors
relabelChange labels of factors or labelled objects
renameChange Names of a Named Object
reorder.arrayReorder an Array or Matrix
ReshapeReshape data frames or data sets
retainRetain Objects in an Environment
reversedReverse the codes of a survey item or the levels of a factor
sample-methodsTake a Sample from a Data Frame-like Object
SapplyA Dimension Preserving Variant of "sapply" and "lapply"
sort-methodsConvenience Methods to Sort Data Frames and Data Sets
stats-conveniencesConvenience wrappers for common statistical functions
stylesFormatting Styles for Coefficients, Factor Contrasts, and...
SubstituteSubstitutions in Language Objects
TableOne-Dimensional Table of Frequences and/or Percentages
tibblesInterface to Packages 'tibble' and 'haven'
toDataFrameConvert an Array into a Data Frame
toLatexExtraAdditional Methods for LaTeX Representations for R objects
trim-labelsTrim Codes from the Labels of an Item
utility-classesNamed Lists, Lists of Items, and Atomic Vectors
value-filtersValue Filters
viewA Generic Viewing Function
view_htmlHTML Output for 'view.
wild.codesTable of frequencies for unlabelled codes
within-operatorsOperators to abbreviate use of "with" and "within"
withVCovAdd Alternative Variance Estimates to Models Estimates
WriteWrite Codebooks and Variable Descriptions into a Text File
xapplyApply a function to ranges of variables
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