Man pages for metaforest
Exploring Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis using Random Forests

ClusterMF-deprecatedClustered MetaForest analysis for dependent data.
coef_testTest coefficients of a model
curryHappy to Help?
extract_proximityExtract proximity matrix for a MetaForest object.
fukkink_lontDoes training matter? A meta-analysis of caregiver training...
MetaForestConduct a MetaForest analysis to explore heterogeneity in...
metaforest-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'metaforest'.
ModelInfo_mfReturns a MetaForest ModelInfo list for use with caret
ModelInfo_rmaReturns an rma ModelInfo list for use with caret
PartialDependencePartialDependence: Partial dependence plots
plot.MetaForestPlots cumulative MSE for a MetaForest object.
predict.MetaForestMetaForest prediction
preselectPreselect variables for MetaForest analysis
preselect_varsExtract variable names from mf_preselect object
print.summary.MetaForestPrints summary.MetaForest object.
reportReport formatted number
SimulateSMDSimulates a meta-analytic dataset
VarImpPlotPlots variable importance for a MetaForest object.
WeightedScatterPlots weighted scatterplots for meta-analytic data. Can plot...
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